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At the or rather north shore in slidell eighty seven degrees wins rather the south southeast north shore at thirteen miles an hour i'm jim hanso wwl first news dow look wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham and if you coming in from the east from slidell we got delays back to crowder at the high rise in the reason is because we have an accident on the downside of the high rise that has the two left lanes blocked in right now temporarily all traffic is stopped while they put the tow trucks into position to remove the offending vehicle so in about ten or fifteen minutes all lanes will be open and traffic should catch up right now delays back to crowder this accidents also causing delays on the east bank side the eastbound side those delays are back to i six ten and on i six ten eastbound we've got an accident just before franklin that's got the two left lanes blocked in six ten delays are all the way back to canal boulevard so if you're coming in from the east should be better off getting off at crowder taken the service road get back on down men or either take the dancing a bridge and get back on louisa and then you'll miss all of this traffic coming from the west bank to the east bank we're seeing those afternoon delays all the way back to terry parkway and stop and go through the lake bound expressway you get past the arena out in the west things are moving well on the spillway and into the city from the west you've got no problems westbound on the i ten traffic's moving well to traffic brought.

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