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Komo Dave? Don't put the facts out scope facts. It's called the it's called the word. The word is respect right. You Walk in You. Pay Your dues. You come here for a cup of coffee and you want to go up against the champion and your by the way Koby. It's calling this. This is where it's going to take place. So not as he demand in the match but Kobe chaos Covington saying. Oh yeah by the way. This is where we're GONNA Russell. Are you kidding me right? Now where he named Dot Kobe. Market Avenue argument right now so mark. You can't just call out the world champion. Tell Cow Dude that he knows there's money in Saudi Arabia. The Dude is trying to book it. Man I'll have a problem with that. Show me the money. That's that's what the movie the movie. Show me the money Jerry. Maguire j McGuire Jerry Maguire. Dammit show me the money I'm all about it and don't tell the guests to hold on a second we bring you. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA run off our guests. Come on Dave Cohen here now. I know why he got the name chaos because now he's got you and I fight it so he's causing chaos on my show. He's the Shit. That's Thurber stirring the pot. Mold Stern her in the pot. Jobe stirring the pot chaos. Covington talker chaos disturb in. It's not just a podcast. Colby Covington did you. Just throw your pin doing my pen. Don't throw your pan this is. I Bet your wife by Nice Pants. You just not a big. It's all right. We gotTA WE. GotTa Gabby is giving me we gotta get you back on. Colby because this isn't over yet we gotta have we gotta we can. Can we get you back on next? Friday? Let's do what we can do. Every Friday I come and talk truth and and let you guys know that there ain't a man living. That can the fear of God in me again Kobe now. He's Kobe saying I'm coming on every show. They happen next Friday Colby and it will see where we go Friday next. Friday Colby Chaos Covington back. Joe Thanks for listening catches mandate or Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. The busted open odd cast..

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