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That's eight eight eight four one seven eight three three five eight eight eight forty one steel traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks are traveling westbound sixty six as you head west of one twenty three toward route fifty Fairfax getting by the works and two lanes to laugh just a brief happy breaks there he's bound for now lanes are open getting to the ballet and inside the beltway headed toward rosin Roosevelt bridge no incidents in your way of Fairfax monument drive closed each way between west ox road monument cord accident investigation action which involves a pedestrian washer police direction and we route your around the closure over in starling in Loudon county a sterling Boulevard remains closed each way between route twenty eight Shaw wrote that as a result of a police investigation ninety five in Virginia north down as you approach center for parkway exit one thirty six work some blocks left lane three get by without delay three ninety five north Asia north of bell we have toward Edsall road eventually down the one single answer right to work sound delays have eased a little bit getting into that work since a little bit better now than it was and further north as your north they're showing ten up towards Washington Boulevard still getting by that works on two lanes the left and don't forget at the Woodrow Wilson bridge in approximately ten minutes first of a couple of maintenance openings will stop traffic on both sides of the belly so plan ahead if you're headed to the towards Virginia or Maryland crossing the Woodrow Wilson bridge remember traffic will be stopped very shortly red China WTOP traffic a cold night across our area and still a little breezy and that's gonna be the case as we make our way right on through the morning hours on your Friday stepping out the front door you'll see those wind chills in the.

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