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And I think that it's one of those perfect combinations of we talked about this already but the marriage between the song which is like like as as ad rock talks about like he's like I just basically went into a studio booth and vocal booth and talk shit at the engineer and I didn't know it was going to become like our set closing number. But then when they made the video it gave it like this whole new layer of hilarity and depth and spice and interest. I I I've never been able to quite figure out. Like what how they figure they decided to put seventies cop satire on top of this like essentially thrash punk song and then it just became a huge hit. Did you feel like we've reached the moment? Now that my dad reached when I was twelve and he was like Clapton as God. And here's why I need to understand that right and now I'm like listen. Children gather around while I tell you about sabotage and how sabotage changed at all like. I wonder if this music aside from the like. Let's say you're young Aspirin Skater and you've got like a fuck you attitude and you're a slight cut school all the time you could. Definitely get into beastie boys. There's something attitudinally their into. But if you're just like a sweet kid that's on tick tock all the time. Just the sound of beastie. Boys is the sound of sabotage. Make any sense to you. I think if you're if you're twelve year old boy it probably does. I think that there's gotta be something destructively. Rebellious people still. You know. I think times have changed in I. I I don't know whether or not that sound really resonates with people as much anymore. The loud guitar the attitude that they had. It doesn't seem it. I I think people express themselves in a lot different ways now but I. I don't know I'd be really curious to find out whether or not thirteen year olds thinks sabotage is great or not. I mean like big. Bill always brings up Ben. Simmons is like the perfect focus group. I can't imagine Ben Simmons wouldn't love sabotage though it's a great point. Well let's bring on Ben Simmons. Ben What do you think Ben's not here? My number two pick is also another communication. Sure shot which I think is basically column column on your communication Shir Shot. Is that song in the Corner Song..

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