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Dan Ryan expressway you're seeing solid traffic in the express lanes from forty seventh all to just. Pass thirty fifth and this is all because of. A serious crash in the express lanes all, lanes are blocked So have you done it in. The local lanes, you're going to have much better chance of getting through the Dan Ryan without any major issues because right now the. Express lanes are blocked. Just. Pass thirty fifth because of a serious crash thirty minutes from ninety fifth into downtown. If you take those locals obviously been much heavier. Because the express lanes are stopped right. Now outbound Dan Ryan seventeen out to ninety fifth on. The, Edens. It's nineteen minutes lake cook into the Kennedy and back out the Kennedy inbound thirty four, minutes from O'Hare it's a twenty, minute drive in from the. Junction the locals fifteen in the express fourteen out to Montrose thirty three minutes out to O'Hare the eastbound side. Of one, ninety the O'Hare extension heavy from Bessie Coleman to the tri-state Eisenhower in. The inbound it's forty nine minutes from route three ninety Twenty-eight information out is all clear on the Ike Stevenson inbound you. Have some roadwork blocking the right lane of the ramp to northbound lake. Shore drive delays started Damon. Because of that thirty seven minutes from three thirty, five in. Twenty-seven in from the tri-state no outbound worries as, I, mentioned, the Dan Ryan inbound all the express lanes blocked just before thirty because of, a serious crash used. The local lanes instead I fifty seven okay the Bishop Ford amount yourself from Dalton. To the steel bridge seventeen minutes from eighty ninety four. To, the merge no app on delays. Lakeshore drive northbound heavy through grand park southbound heavy from the oak curbed. The whitest Chicago avenue New through, grand park on the southbound side of the drive the right lane. Remains, blocked, for lollapalooza as well Tri. State tollway northbound heavy. From the Cermak told a pass to ninety crash on the shoulder there then, yourself, from north avenue about. Moral southbound heavy from I ninety two the O'Hare oasis and you're heavy from before ninety the Cermak tall because of police activities still blocking the right lane the atoms in. The Reagan tollways clear three fifty five northbound slow idiots north avenue southbound having. North avenue, to Butterfield on eighty okay but. Eighty ninety four eastbound pretty heavy from the Bishop Ford to. Indianapolis boulevard get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty five point nine Euboea Becky weather make Cirque lots of sunshine the sanitary warmer than yesterday high eighty five partly. Cloudy tonight lows, sixty seven partly sunny tomorrow some very senior shower thunderstorm the entered high eighty two Friday mostly sunny and warm high eighty, five lake fried. Savages. Seventy-nine midway eighty eighty one Juliette at seventy eight headed to a partly sunny high. Of eighty five of AccuWeather meteorologist Bob Larsen Chicago's. Weather station News Radio seven eighty one, zero five point nine FM twenty minutes before the WBZ AM noon business hour the Dow is thinking it's down eighty. Two points NASDAQ is still ahead by about twenty five the, s&p five hundred is. Down seven points WBZ news time eleven four unlimited Plus. Plan it..

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