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Dearborn thank you very much for your patience you're on the john mcculloch show is sean beligian anwar tremendous are you not bad you know a comment about the daca issue and a murder you know what one thing that bothers me about your uh your premise i don't understand how backup of these guys are these people are undocumented people so how do we even proved that they are if they are dreamers they weren't they weren't born here they don't have birth certificate you're absolutely right you're ads where do you even dark even have you and i didn't even know it eight hundred vowed that homar well that's debts since neither tons of numbers out there eight hundred thousand seems to be the number that i've seen the muslim although i hope you understand the bigger plan to me it to me it's much more like okay what are what are you trying to accomplish here are you really fighting for these people okay them there we'll give them a free pass today rubber stamp does does that mean from this point on we have to actually follow the letter and the laws of the land or my area cooker norian of undocumented people are even the countries absolutely so how do you how do you distinguished dreamer from the other from the other end no to the point that with that was my fiu with that you know regarding the the partisanship uh issues that we have become so all right now i'm gonna re write and it guy um we've become so poor is that democrats all vote one way and republicans off the other way and people that there's nobody in there.

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