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5000 or a Saint Francis medical dot or g'kar. He won a 1.5 news time for 06, New Jersey one a 1.5 fast traffic Better news along to 02 and Morris Township. A crash has been cleared out of the way, but we still have a big mess and Morristown on 24, the westbound side coming in a 5 11. That's a crash yet to be cleared plenty of slowdowns along Cranford's route. 2080 20 Centennial Avedis, Who? Elizabeth Avenue. Will be detoured around a crash investigation that continues traffic on the parkway. Still a bit slow north and 1 45 term by traffic moving along pretty well. You do have delays exiting into 78 off fertility. Seven. Both ways stalled tractor trailer 78 west near exit 26. In fact, we're getting word that that's been cleared. We have another stall tractor trailer on Route one and Edison North of Old Post Road. The traffic is pretty busy both ways, and we have a flipped over a tractor trailer accident and the right lane on the ramp entering the term by Get exit 10, So heads up for that. Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Jill Myron, New Jersey Traffic South. Watch It 42 south pounds, building up a rush hour feel at Washington Township on the South bound trip. 3 22 eastbound at 1 30 South bound ramp closed and that's with an accident and Logan Township and we have delays at 206 South bound in round Pemberton and in towards every 38 73 north. Slow it. Eve Shem and 2 95. Here's your story. South band has backed up traffic exit 29 white horse pike down through the wakes a 26 of the 40 to ride. North to 95. Is it in the breaks from exit 10 up through to exit 11 traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 4 18, a New Jersey one a 1.5. On Wall Street. The Dow Jones closed down about 90 points. New Jersey one of 1.5 years time 408 New Jersey's news, traffic and Weather authority. Oh, Thies enchiladas. How did you learn to make this.

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