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But let's talk special teams because man The Dolphin special teams with a keen grant is a part returner has been just electric there. They also blocked punt last week is the Chargers. They're making plays. They're given really their offense a lot of opportunities because of special teams, so I'm not saying the brokers had to play a perfect game in special teams today, but they got to be more consistent than they've been. Yeah, they've been anything but special. There's no excuse for it. They need to be more disciplined. I feel like Deante Spencer, maybe trying too hard. To make something happen. He's a guy that we've been expecting to run a punter kickoff back here the last couple of seasons. He certainly has that potential. But it hasn't happened. Maybe he's pressing a little bit. Can't remember the last time we saw a Broncos player take apart back or even a long kickoff return. And you mentioned Hakeem Grant? Yeah, he's a monster. Ryan, This guy ran a 41 at his pro day. And time to 41. That's just smoking fast. That's world class speed. He says that he is much more than a return man. He looks at himself. As he wide receiver will see that how he looks here today. Catching the ball. Yeah, and he'll get some opportunities out there in the offense. We've seen him do that. Especially since Preston Williams isn't out there. You get some opportunity, the offense you some opportunities and special teams. Always good, Rick. Thank you. Okay. Good talking to you all right. Color analyst Rick Lewis. Joining me live from empower field at Mile High, enjoyed that conversation when we come back Voice of the Broncos. Dave Logan sits down with Brandon Crystalline Benjamin Albright, our insiders. That's next on the K way. Broncos Radio Network.

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