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Put that together good. Let's thank if you feel for show Seventeen thirteen seventy starting with melody fingers. Oto one hundred ninety three dollars. She was some jobs karma and you know this is families given us so much. We're not even going to wait till the we're going to give it to her now. Jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's the job is royalty. so that's gets. She gets any level. Rodney lillibridge in lewiston. Idaho comes in with one thirty three thirty three thomas koenig at one eleven eleven barron laeken one hundred david. David fukuzawa comes with ninety three fifty seven. Which is very much combining ninety. Three and fifty seven beautiful. He says happy birthday. And he's talking to you. Thank you thank you. So now we have a bunch of ninety three dollar donors. I'm going to mention a just the name and location. And they're all celebrating your birthday. D- starting with brent dombrowski and circuit board. James agee melody fukuzawa's again here in gladstone oregon. Moving her up to associate executive producer. Roger that disease combined to be Two hundred eighty six dollar. So we're gonna do Jacoby jackal beena kuhnen in raw smolin. Bre shears in cookeville tennessee head christina p henry in michelle walk i walk a walk. Indiana ryan ragle in encino california and sir beaked bum in aurora colorado. Where there's no beaches. Salem gone with salem. Mad jen in thome ball. Texas hold on ninety two welcoming new human resource willow jane to the world today. Welcome human resource on the list for the birthdays. Ninety two twenty-one calvin mccaren niassa seventy nine twenty-seven dame bang bang seventy seven seventy seven dame for in lady beafore barron net of dakhla georgia in georgia. Seventy four ninety three which is again a combination of happy birthday. Call out numbers sir. Dude named jeff. Seventy three seventy three which another combination west stewart in mesa arizona. Six six six six. stephanie valencia. In anderson california anderson. That's split piece soup thing is if you driving down the freeway you stop and have some split soup essien faria in marietta georgia fifty-seven and as you're all she wants a d. Douching douched Wishes me happiest birthdays of all. Thanks for keeping me sane and a big douchebag call out to her husband rusty shackelford staff rusty so these are all the fifty seven donors that fifty seven dollars saying happy. Fifty-seven birthday to adam curry. Thank you now. We'll reprieve this on sunday. 'cause you're birthdays actually tomorrow so if you missed out on this which you probably may have you may have you have one more shot. Well certainly seems like more people of you on your birthday but my birthday actually fell on a show day. True that that's the different. Copy that copy that copy that christopher burge in dallas chris corallo in driftwood texas matthew smith in northwestern. I would say this your two combined days will beat it. I'm sure matthew smith fifty-seven de david win in rockville centre. New york mark hagstrom in beaumont. California interesting i know. There's a beaumont. Whenever that is gary gibson in grand haven michigan mickey kick kick in lust wages. Nevada's birthday involved chase poulton. In knoxville tennessee nath nathaniel moreover in saint john's florida and there's a birthday involved adriana porto named after the famous town in portugal to Lydia terry dome anneli sir. Paul in twickenham. Uk sipa. Brian navarro walter hill. Back sir bob knight of the philanthropic shareholders federation in. Leiden dodge. Get you did you see. You didn't do any meet ups. Dodge gas gil davis shoe. William davidson in brentwood tennessee. Nicholas hanae in mount vernon ohio. Roger roger mcknight nicholas holler kill c. And a lot of them on here. No haya served veiled baron fema region four in palmetto. Nikola go via tight peter dejong. She's in canada by the wind. So as peter. Curiously gavin blow men up. That's it that's your group okay. There's quite a few Grow thank you very much really appreciate it. Good avin flow. Men's next fifty five fifty five has got a birthday call out for someone he's in the uk dame akhara of camden hills and saint charles illinois fifty five twelve as we get to the end. The marcus muller fifty five eleven william moore in saint charles illinois to defy ten and now these are fifty dollars. Donors name location than that. Wraps it ryan braun in hebron Kentucky giambra can in eureka california jill woods in ocean grove jersey timothy more in arlington texas. Thomas connec enlist rob denmark world. Happiest place Herbert has in spring texas. Jason marar and portland oregon brent shuki in lake worth florida tommy laying in castle pines colorado. Heather johnson in lincoln nebraska. Andrew oxygen ham knoxville tennessee. Who's night i believe. Sir andrew watson fair hope Alabama joseph barnes and oakland california. I each kid ago in san francisco unless at least sir. Brian watson in raleigh north carolina. Thank everybody that contributes to this fine day which is a happy birthday. Call for adam. Curry my partner on this fabulous show. Thank you all divorced out out. Copy that copy that thank you very much is highly appreciated as feels good. Good birthday good birthday week. Very very happy. Thank you for supporting the no agenda show. You are producing it after all. It's your responsibility on one quick. Note if you there's a people are doing things seen on social media a lot. They're doing screen shots so they're on their phone. They see something oh screen shot and then they send it or they posted. If you're if you're emailing something to john awry just a screen. Shot is useless. It's quite useless on social media to we need the link so please not just a screen shots. Well you know. If i don't say lending then known as the no one will ever do it in and you know just as important supporting us where the treasurer. We need the time in the talent piece to be good to Thank you all again. Thanks everybody under fifty who are typically on our subscriptions. We have a number of them. You can take a look at it. Divorce dot org slash in a and also they do that for anonymity and thanks.

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