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Give Jeff a call at 85561616 20 now. Wtmj James. Jeff Wagner. Good afternoon, Wisconsin. Welcome to the show. You know Mike Spalding. We were talking yesterday about how the Arizona Diamondbacks lost 17 straight games and We were just hoping that they didn't break out of that. But last night they managed to you figure you It was 162 game season. You can't lose them all from the Brewers perspective. You can't win them. All The exact same thing happened that we said we hoped wouldn't when you have a picture that gets hurt, right goes to the It just happened to not fall the Brewers way, Which raises one of these things, and I'm a baseball purist. And and I like the fact in National League that they have. They don't have the designated hitter. I think the game is more interesting, but I will say this for as you were alluding to in your newscast, the Brewers pitcher Brett Anderson, He hurt himself. It was again a weird sort of thing. He's up at bad. He He actually hits the bouncing ball. And as he's running to first base, he lands wrong on the base and jams his need. That's what happened. It reminded me of a few years back. There was a Brewers had a starting pitcher named Jimmy Nelson, who was on his way to becoming a really great pitcher. And if you remember what happened, it was kind of a rainy night. I was watching the I was in a bar where a surprise that is. I was in a bar watching the game and Nelson was on first base. I think he had and single. I seem to remember them playing the Cubs, but I'm not positive about that. But I think it was at Wrigley Field tonight Game and he's on first base. And I mean Nelson was at the time. The brewers. I mean, he was the Brewers star starting pitcher and I think a lot of people thought really great things and what happened is a routine. Pick off throw the picture throws back over the first base like Jimmy Nelson. He's not gonna be stealing a base or whatever. But he dives back leaning, and he leads with his right arm, including his right shoulder and he jams his right shoulder. Completely and totally screws it up, and he's never been the same. I mean, he was on rehab for I think two years he he finally made it back. He's with the Dodgers now pitching out of the bullpen, but he's Is a shadow of his former self, and that was that was a kind of a catastrophic injury all because the guys running the basis so it does kind of make me sit there and and rethink This position I have. I have to dress traditionally been anti designated anti designated hitter. But in reality that you know the pictures. Pictures aren't really trained anymore to hit and run the bases. And when you see these injuries, and hopefully Brad Anderson's injury isn't going to be like his catastrophic as Nelson's was to his shoulder, but still You know, maybe it's just time to say Okay, let's let pitchers pitch and move on. Yeah, I'm okay with that. I grew up in a National league household. So my dad always, you know, preach the the joys of watching pictures hit, but the more I kind of watch American League baseball and I've just come around to the idea that I'm okay with specializations. Yes, I don't mind. The D h I don't mind pictures just pitching. I'm all right with it. Yeah, I guess I am, too. And like I said, you just You see these various injuries and what they can do I mean, It's one thing. It's hard enough to be a picture and that that's that is an occupation, the stress that throwing a ball at that rate of speed, the stress that it puts on your wrist and your elbow and your shoulder and all the different things that have to go into it. You know, there's there's enough injuries that you know pictures come about by actually pitching that you sit there and you say, Okay, do we really Do we really gain anything by making them stand at the plate and face somebody who's throwing the ball 95 miles an hour at them, And it's just I I've always been a traditionalist, but I'm coming to think that you know, maybe for the sake of the game and the players Health and Because we always want to see the stars. It's never It's never in the interest of anybody to see. You know the players. The players get hurt, whether it's football or basketball or baseball and pitching so valuable. Especially now, the way baseball is played that you know you lose one guy, or, you know, because he has a freak injury like this one or like what you were saying with Jimmy Nelson. And your whole seasons kind of thrown a little bit askew because the the guys are so valuable, especially the way the correct council handles his staff where it's not guys going 78 innings anymore. You know, they go five and you used the bullpen. Right? So I thought, But I always think of that Jimmy Nelson's story, But I I When I was not, I was not listening to or watching the game. At least the beginning. Last night was doing some other stuff. But then I heard that, um, that they pulled the picture in the second inning and I'm like what's going on here and then I see that it was running the basis which is where a lot of these injuries occurred. Alright, That would be my input to the commissioner of baseball. If you were listening, let's get started. This is not Jeff Wagner radio host, saying that Water Street has become an absolute and total disaster. This is the alderman who represents the water Street area. Bob Bowman and and Baumann. He doesn't He's not right much of the time, but every once in a while, like we always say a broken clock is right twice a day while Baumann is right on this, all right, if you have not been paying attention, Water Street is And has been. I want to, say the the major entertainment venue in downtown in a major entertainment area in downtown Milwaukee for the last couple of decades Now, right now it's being rivaled by what's going on advisor Forum..

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