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Shannon O'Donnell 42 degrees from your diversified Crawl Space Weather Center. As mentioned Super Bowl Sunday's coming up, and doctors are worried about the potential for gatherings, especially with new Corona virus variants spreading in our state. Almost Nick problem has more on the plea to keep Super Bowl watch parties to just your own immediate household name of the game when watching the Super Bowl this Sunday is safety in the Cove it era. Doctors say the best way to do that is to have your mask on at all times. Dr. Chris Peters with Snohomish Health District says it's important to follow Phase two guidelines. Indoor gatherings can only be five people outside of those who live with you. Everyone must be diligent with following all the precautions to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission, while being able to take advantage of the privilege of increased opportunities for social commercial employment activity. If you look at the Department of Health, the data after every major winter Holiday. Our cases have spikes, so the hope is that that won't be the case After this Sunday, attorneys say it's been difficult to deal with criminal cases during the pandemic. Speaking to the King County Council today, defense Attorney Michael of Shuler Said. It's a challenge to visit clients in jail. He says he's asked guards if it would be possible. They keep a safe distance away from his client's case. They're infected and even that effectively with a stone wall, saying No, there's nothing we can do about that. King County prosecutor Dan Satur Burg tells the council. His office is doing the best they can in a difficult situation so that the people that we serve and we still serve a lot of members of the public and as well as our employees that we have the issue of safety first. Jeweler says it would be helpful for prosecutors to delay filing some cases until the pandemic is past. Saddlebrook says that would create a giant backlog. Governor Jay Inslee spent part of the day and Buckley or students have returned to the classroom. Cuomo's Charlie Harder has the story teachers and staff members of the White River School district tell the governor in person. Learning is a huge relief for everyone. I'm just really proud of what we're able to do for our community and getting back at the heart of Why we do what we do. I can tell you our first day back in person December 1st really felt like Christmas for our kids for our families actually watched them classes and notice how there was distancing and safety. What I've really appreciate the students. Weren't master and complying, And when I go around the state that the kids were like they're the smartest Washingtonians, you know, it's pretty good to see Ainsley is making a push. They have more district's real than classrooms, saying the science shows it can be safe. Charlie Harder. Camo new, contentious public testimony over a bill that effects open carry guns in a group House bill 12 83 prohibits three or more people from displaying a deadly weapon in a manner that would Lead a reasonable person to feel threatened, it could result in a felony charge of criminal mischief. Tom Cui's act with Ian are I spoke against it in person openly cares a firearm to determine. Excuse me to determine whether another person Unlikely even known to them. This feeling threatened opaque. A uncomfortable original is helm. Seth supports the bill. Reasonable person knows what that is. It's intimidation. House Committee on Civil Rights takes up the legislation on Friday. Washington. Congressional Republicans want Suzy Levine removed from consideration for Biden administration Pose a vine of former ambassador and former head of the State Employment Security Department has reportedly been named to an interim job of the federal Department of Labor. Washington Republicans, including state representative Drew Stoke's Berry say she has no business working. This is a divisive resigned, which didn't resign. The governor should have fired her and Joe Biden shouldn't give her promotions that simple. They point to the loss of $600 million in unemployment benefits to a Nigerian scam that happened under Levine's watch. A spokesman for Patty Murray says the senator looks forward to working with whomever the president nominates for that position. Jeff Pooja, look come on you someone who's time 9 40 from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk, the Seattle Sounders at another local lab of a soccer roster. Here's Cuomo's bills, warts Seattle Guy Spencer Richie grew up in the Crossfire Academy tended the Nets for the Washington Huskies, drafted by Vancouver Whitecaps. Now he signed out with Sounders FC, a likely backup goalkeeper for Stefan Fried. Mercer Island's Jordan. Morris now was once the city of whales is a nominee for a male sports star of 2020. And he has some stiff competition in that sports commission category. The Mariners outfielder Kyle Lewis, Seahawks KJ RIGHT and U Dub defensive back realize you're golden. Washington Husky men's basketball coming off for home court lost to Washington state. The dogs given up way too many easy looks close to the bucket, according to head coach Mike Hopkins. You know, we just got to be better. There's got to be some type of resistance Huskies in Oregon State Thursday night, and EA Sports is getting back in the college football video game business. One they left in 2013. For now. The plan is to use rosters with real names, images and likenesses and boy that's a sticky issue, both for Congress and the NC. Double A sports updates a 10 and 40 after the hour Bill Swartz Comeau News. Do it yourself doesn't have to mean.

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