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So we updated our inventories. It is the Stephanie Miller show, Ken Delany tweeting, what kind of language is that for GD us about the subject of an investigation imagine of Komi had spoken that way about Clinton, instead, he just said, there was no case. If, if we ever thought we'd be looking back nostalgically. Go ahead and -irlfriend Mokhele, who was on this station in Los Angeles. He said bar said that Muller found ten possible instances of obstruction of Justice question, how many possible of tempted murderer needed to be indicted for attempted murder. Interesting. Ari Melber tweets of five points on the bar presser didn't include Muller at all it Mitzi disagreed with Muller uncivil. Quote unquote, legal theories admits he gave the White House advanced copy at report claims trunk Trump's anger is a defense says Muller details, ten episodes of Trump's obstruction of Justice. Literally us like someone domestic violence or killed someone while he was mad. It's like, oh, okay, well, you can go then. Anita tweets all bar claimed Trump campaign didn't participate in the Russian hacking. We know that he claimed Trump couldn't be guilty of the crime of disseminating hack info, if he didn't participate in the hacking, translated, hashtag, Trump colluded far cover up number two. This. This is the thing. It's like, oh, he's not guilty of something that no one's ever accused him of tweeting anger defence, does not hold water. Yeah. None of it does. Okay. Pat coonass our friend who we've had on said, so women are too emotional be president, but male presidents, or to emotional technically obstruct Justice, talking about the president's emotions is insane when it comes to the law. Yeah, yeah, I'm still looking at Christmas said the same thing essentially on Fox News, there's going to be some cognitive dissonance going on over there with that, because then you're going to have I'm sure all the other people, you know, doing the bar, Trump. Jayme para daily edge said, this is true bar. Visibly squirmed under the most gentle of questioning. Yeah. They also say saying Trump had no corrupt motives when he commit a ten x of obstruction Justice, does not pass the smell test. Yeah. I don't think for anybody this just when you think cannot keep making.

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