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We nourish our bodies regularly we will be less prone to stress induced cravings in my practice of connor acne. I teach people that food is the energy of love nourishment you now. On the flip side stress carries with it the energy of fear and panic. So if you eat bounce diet that is overflowing with with plants and plant foods and everything is prepared with the intention of love. You can actually help your body and your mind ceelo nurse and grounded which can actually help reduce cravings so. I really believe that developing a mindfulness practice can help manage stress eating When not pops up. I quite often recommend taking time to learn. Breathing exercises a grounding practices or movements. That can really help you eat stress when life is relatively normal and it's sort of normal daily stress but of course you know when you experienced of high stress you'll need other tools to to kind of simmer back down and get yourself rounded relax recenter so just with most things you know learning to address stress in a way that will support your in nourish. Your body is a journey. So i would say kind of be gentle with yourself. Sure sow soon patience and self love because there are these are the foundations for why you may be triggered to reach her food and to reach for that stress eating type of type of behavior I think that one of the best things that we can do from a physical place to to change his habit is staying very hydrated so hydration is something that talk about all the time not just because helps our body function better from physical place by. It's also fundamental for proper energy

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