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Up on the receiving end of an alleyoop true contact in landed awkwardly below the rim hayward's momentum forces left ankle to snap his foot ultimately resting of what appeared to be a ninety degree angle to his left as he looked on and fear jeff green i get a shudder even reading that jeff green one of the players on the cavaliers bench which had a front row seat for the sequence of event was one of the most animated completely leaving his seat they had towards the team tunnel i was hoping at it and see what i saw green probably to report it was gruesome i didn't expect to see when he rolled will turn our way i thought it was his lower back or that or something you never wish injury on anyone especially such a good player like that play continued for a brief moment but was blown bed once the injury became apparent is hayward laid underneath the cavaliers basket members of the celtics training step sprinted to his attention security members within quicken loans arena surrounded the forward to shield him from view the arena with silent cavs guard duane way took a knee at midcourt before joining liberal on james and teammate isaiah thomas and controlling their injured opponent james and thomas would follow hayward into the cavaliers locker room he was taken off the floor in the stretchers lega mobilized the diagnosis dislocated ankle in a fractured tibia now i got to tell you that just makes me shudder protected by the way that's when you do take any guy you do take any and you just say say a prayer for the guy aguada botham tomorrow embryos a great things about gordon is a great basketball player in carry makes me crazy 'cause he says bad things about cleveland you never he left in a unprofessional manner and so it gets booed allied it'll be boot forever cueva why are you still mitzi his name is neither player and it must not be named no no no no no no he's not the player must not be named declare must not be named was abroad lebron came up pera didn't grow up and claim but it's not like he left the land it's not the same thing it up people can laid their athletes they want the best i have i have attachments to team not individuals embed shown kaiser's going.

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