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I don't think he wants to do that but you look at how that kind of a of a event is put together and how much of it is show and how much of israel you know it's ninety nine percent show and really well fought through and and and predictable i think some approach has got to be some level of intention that that can model on the on the on the theatrical requirements to take on someone like trump he's he's i don't i have a much harder time i think beating some of the democratic candidates i think there are so many really talented people running i think trump if less something trim giant medically well on that subject what is your place in the democratic in a democratic race what is it that what would distinguish john hickenlooper if i were running if you were running from the liens of other democrats who are offering themselves as potential well i guess there's again i respect people like michael bennett and the the hard work that's done in the senate and house i know it's very unpopular now and people hate washington this is like one of those trump prelude which is where you say the nice thing and then you the boom well not knowing the boom i'm saying that i've been running state hiring people making decisions and we took the economy from fortieth in the country to i the last two years the number one academy in the country we have pushed economic development into the rural parts of the state i think more successfully than than almost every other state you look at healthcare we've been controlling costs and healthcare we're doing a lot of things that the country needs and as a governor i'm not connected to washington right i mean obviously concerned about it and in some cases i have my nightmares about what's going on there sometimes but i think.

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