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Be mr cool done smile or guy i'd go with that for a while right i'd say okay all we've done that now let's do trump says smile for mom yeah and by then since i'd gone with their program they didn't carry out it was okay and they would come out of their shell and we'd have a really good time so third point right that when there are now third point but inaugurate we're going to have a whole book by the time honored make emergof yeah you're and then and then the girls yeah yeah i just have no time for girls in their three ping an of that stuff and y'all heat teases loan than and yell gets to him and he can get amazing stuff out of the girls that now i i have no no interest in gotcha odds funny i will not placate girls all right cool so now the program that your uh doing it's called finding beauty and i kinda wanna circle back to your microbiology background and something that you're really passionate about in that is you were saying macro photography so tell us a little bit about your program okay so color bler i started doing all it well let me start at the very beginning of that is let me start at the really very thin towards the end of a film i got bored i miss certainly not that i know it all mmhmm um but it was getting repetitive to me i felt like i could go out and do a senior blindfolded um and then fill a digital came along and it was like oh wow i have i got a lot to learn i could be a professional student um and i always said that with microbiology too i could be a professional student but it just doesn't pay very well so um with the with the advent of digital than there was so much a new stuff to learn he had to start picking up photo shop and.

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