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You've got up to 66% on the whole ensemble of products, but take advantage of it, just don't forget to use the promo code DI NES HD dinesh. I'm continuing my discussion of investigative reporter John Solomon's bombshell report on the outsourcing of censorship by the Biden, well, Biden regime. I'm not gonna hesitate to say it. They're acting like totalitarians. They don't really deserve to be called anything other than a regime. So they have an enemy's list. And who's on that enemies list? This is what is kind of revealing because the enemies list is now been disclosed. It's been uncovered. And here's who's on the list. I'm just going to read some of the names. Real James Woods. Gateway pundit, Donald Trump Jr., Tom fitton, Jack bishop. Eric Trump, Charlie Kirk, Mark Levin, James O'Keefe, Richard grenell. Harmeet Dylan, a Breitbart News. Robbie starbuck. So you have this list. These are the bad guys from the point of view of these of the Biden administration. They're also the bad guys from the point of view of these left wing nonprofits. So the working together to shut down the opposition and let's remember some of these guys, Robbie starbuck was running for Congress. So you're talking about election interference. You're also talking about silencing important influencers in the days and weeks leading up to a presidential election. Think about this. And they don't hesitate to do this. So to look at some concrete examples, well, Marjorie Taylor Greene is also on the list. I'm a little disappointed. I'm not on the list. He goes, no, no, no, no, no. But hey, I'm a little surprised I'm not on it, but nevertheless, to look at a couple of examples. They're going off, they want to restrict Paul gosar. Why? Because he's sharing project veritas videos about the about the Minnesota cash for ballot harvesting scheme. Hey, listen, here's some $300 and $200. We have a scene of this in 2000 meals. And my Kelly representative Republican from Pennsylvania is dangerous because he files a law against the state's mail in voting law. This is a Republican from Pennsylvania, notice that Pennsylvania is a critical state. So these guys are keeping a very close eye on we need to win Pennsylvania. Let's go after this guy. He's challenging our mail in voting law and on mail in voting laws critical to achieving the result we want. Now, so this is all very eye opening stuff. It turns out that there is a guy named Mike Benz BEN Z he's a former State Department official. This is the guy who did the investigative research that he then turned over to John Solomon. So this gives you an idea when you have investigative reporting. It's not just that John Solomon goes on finds out all the information, this information can be quite complex, and somebody has to get the information extracted out

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