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Welcome to the brown chicken brown cow she'll i am sean monkey mackney welcome to month on pollyanna henry i'm sitting here with two of my fantastico host amazing justly oh the amazing justly i like that i decided to forgo the cape but maybe next time maybe next time and who do you have to you're right we have laura fancy fancy laura fancy yes i wore my clothes today as you can see you you look great i like all the cat hair is it's perfect this isn't even his dog hair oh i didn't mean to do that but it just happened so we're gonna roll with it anyway here so we're talking about today we are it's going to be great i feel really good about it mike is already melted down a good for the day we literally started the segment with monkey already blushing so it's just everything's going downhill today i actually think it's still continuing i think we're just going to bump up the bush meat or another one so great it's good for you why there goes great thanks three we are into this segment all right so yeah we're talking about polyamorous and there's a lot of different types of polyamorous everybody practices it everyone everyone has two different polyamorous than my partners so you know that's fair that makes sense i feel like you do like you you might you've been doing paulie for a while if i'm not mistaken i've been paulie for i think eight or nine years congratulations thank you wake up my little star oh you did i'm so excited to get my get in the second grade but it's i didn't get a foil thing in the second grade i really left out i didn't know we got two words for for exactly so the let's talk about who we're gonna have on the show today we've got a lot of very cool guests on the show we have christina h i just thought i would give it some timmy we can talk about what we're going to talk about rather than our guests might be let's do that laura cool so i think we're gonna talk about a lot of different types of bali emory we're gonna look at what is so low polyamorous what type of living arrangements might polymers people have how what are some of the challenges of being polymers and having kids probably other things that i can't think of probably other things we'll be talked about so many things like there are so many ways to do it's true the flavors of polyamorous that'd be on the show quinson octagon octagon a lot of people call them paul kills yeah they do i refer to my poly kulesza pollock you'll so there's that and then we also have music we do we have eddie in rows back singing some songs with us today so we're excited very cool excited to hear from them great got a pretty cool show going on today for this topic definitely not defining anything you're just going to have to google it right speaking of defining thank you because fortunately we also have the cbc spelling the yes spelling the calling guys i need you to let me know when we're we're we're having really catchy things yeah when we're i need all puns to authorized but we really like watching you be surprised many things so and it's going to be justly yes miss laura i don't know how to spell some sorry and the master david oh my god probably gonna win the three of you were going to be competing to see who has the best spelling prowess laws we see saw with sex pretty i get pretty competitive so competitive not what i said but i'm just gonna leave that statement there can decide if it's true that be like a sport competitive sex i think somebody could make competitive sport they really wanna do thought.

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