Peter Hossam, Baseball, Facebook discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The media we've gotta right here cnn's undisclosed ties to fusion gps chuck ross and peter hossam cnn's reporting the trump russia dossiers left at least one crucial fact the close ties between the network and the opposition research firm at the center of the dossier controversy cnn's reporting on the dose he had led by justice correspondent evan peres has been favorable to the firm fusion gps and hype the dose he as credibility left at a reporting which has relied largely on unnamed sources is his personal closeness to fusion gps operatives fusion has repeatedly been described in senator estimates as a smear for higher operation that manufacturers misleading or false media narratives for its clients glenn simpson diffusion cofounder most often associated with the dossier is used to working on stories with peres as reporters at the wall street journal perez and simpson regularly co authored stories on national security another fusion founder tomcat since cat a tin worked as a reporter for the journal as the same time as presence simpson the third fusion cofounder peter fritsch worked above peresm simpson as this senior national security editor simpson and fritsch left the wall street final in 2011 launch fusion gps peres jumped from the paper to cnn and 2013 another longtime journal reporter neil king left the paper to joint fusion in december 2016 so you have these four reporters for a few that are with fusion gps he jumped the wall street journal you have this fists reporter he used to work for the wall street journal he jumped to cnn photos posted to facebook underscore the personal closeness between peres and the fusion gps operatives one photo posted by prayer shows king who left the journal for profusion in 2016 shoes made another man posing for a picture of the bullpen and outdoor bar right outside the washington national stadium one of they saw john paynter there by the way the ballpen is a popular fan destination before baseball games king is shown wearing a shirt with the nationals name and logo across the.

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