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Morning. I'm Mark Caesar Governor Greg Abbott continues applying pressure on Austin to fund its police department. Speaking of the Texas Public Policy Foundation this week, Abbott says he won't allow Austin to put the public at risk any longer. My goal is to make it physically impossible for a city to defund the police, and to do that, you'll make sure the state comptroller's involved municipalities they receive. The room minutes to them of the sales tax revenue that is generated from their city, But it doesn't go directly to them. It goes to the comptroller's office first, essentially forcing Austin to promise to fund its police department in order to receive that sales tax revenue. Patrick Osborne News radio K O B. J. Austen School District is asking parents to keep the kids home. For online learning next week. If possible, AI City leaders say parents should let their kids learn from home following the MLK holiday that, says Austin Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus got says the new semester presents new covert dangers. We have increased in person activity in our schools. But so are superintendents reporting that some individual schools are between 70 and 90% of occupants. This is a recipe for disaster to rescue for outbreaks in our schools. A iced tea says They will, however, still offer both in person and remote learning options for all families for the rest of the school year. John Cooley news radio K O B. J More than a dozen local school districts have signed a letter to Travis County Health Authority, Dr Mark S. Scott, They're asking that he make teacher vaccinations a top priority. Letter estimates. Only about 10 to 15% of faculty and staff in the area are eligible right now for the shots, District said, Have signed a letter include Austin Hayes, Pflueger, Ville and Lake Travis. 704 K. L. B J. Here's Austin's on Time Traffic with Melinda Brandt. Pretty light conditions out there so far this morning just a few brake lights showing up on 35 south, down between 51st Street and 38, a half street and 35 north.

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