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Pebbles with our feet. The silver curve of the moon hovered already in the western sky. Gatsby started to speak changed his mind but not before tom wheeled and faced him. Expectantly have got your stables. Here asked gatsby with an effort about a quarter mile down the road. Oh pause i don't see. The idea of going town broke out. Tom savagely women get these notions in their heads. Shall we take anything to drink. Called daisy from an upper window. I'll get some answered. Tom he went inside. Gatsby turned to me rigidly. I can't say anything in this household sport. She's got an indiscreet voice. I remarked it's full of i hesitated. Her voice is full of money. He said suddenly that was it. I never understood. Before it was full of money that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it the jingle of it the symbol song of it high in a white palace. the king's daughter the golden girl. Tom came out of the house wrapping court bottle in a towel followed by daisy jordan wearing small tight hats of metallic cloth carrying like capes over their arms. Shall we all go in. My car suggested gatsby. If the hot green leather of the seat. I have left it in the shade. Is it a standard shift demanded tom. Yes well you take my coupe and let me drive your car to town. The suggestion was distasteful to gatsby. I don't think there's much gas. He objected plenty of gas. Said tom boisterously. He looked the gauge. And if it runs out. I can stop at a drugstore. You can buy anything in a drugstore. Nowadays pause followed this apparently pointless remark. Daisy looked at tom. Frowning and an indefinable expression at once definitely unfamiliar and vaguely recognizable as if i had only heard it. Described in words passed over gatsby face. Come on daisy. Tom pressing her with his hand towards gatsby car. I'll take you in this circus wagon. He opened the door but she moved out from the circle of his arm. You take nick and jordan. We'll follow you in the coupe. She walked close to gatsby touching his coat with her hand jordan. Tom and i got into the front seat of gatsby car. Tom pushed the unfamiliar gears. Tentatively and we shot off into the oppressive heat leaving them out of sight behind. Did you see that demanded. Tom see what he looked at me. Keenly realizing that jordan and i must have known all along. You think. i'm pretty dumb don't you. He suggested perhaps. I am. But i have a almost a second site. Sometimes that tells me what to do. Maybe you don't believe that. But science he paused. The immediate contingency overtook him. Pulled him back from the edge of the theoretical abyss. I've made a small investigation of this fellow he continued. I could have gone deeper. If i know you mean you've been to a medium inquire jordan humorously. What confused stared at us as we laughed a medium about gatsby about no. I haven't i said i'd been making small investigation of his past and you found. He was in oxford man said jordan pauley. An oxford man. He was incredulous like hell he is. He wears a pink suit. nevertheless he's an oxford man. Talks for new mexico. Snorted tom contemptuously. Or something like that..

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