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Why can bring up some one please barbara broccoli who's now the producer of all the bond films there are basically two and they're the children of a one former another of cubby broccoli in one is his stepson michael wilson and then his natural daughter barbara broccoli and they work together for years michael was like riding all of these scripts for a while and it was involved from a young age but barbers a little bit younger and she came up through like the roger moore years and then eventually was took over during the bosnian years but really i think was very instrumental in bringing daniel craig and the direction that that turn of the series took yes so i think she's invaluable for them yeah casino rows myths filbert it's almost like serving in a presidential administration or like will this person you don't know has been there since reagan it's as she oversaw the bras thin years took us into the future with craig it's great shows unique in a sense because she other than producing occasional small films i think but also a lot of broadway theater and westend end theatre okay she basically just works on this franchise it's the family business it's privately run yeah she's like a pro kathleen kennedy what she is now for the star wars as about to bring of kathleen as part of the opposite just on that's part of the spectrum of like kathleen kennedy if you don't know is the producer who had made every movie she's made every move area coverage manager visa has been campaigning kennedy is a little bit starting to be wellknown now that disney on star wars and so they need a producer face to be lange gsms but he has been doing stuff since the seventies the you know she's help produce some of the biggest stuff as she makes many of the important decisions about the star wars universe and how it's unfolded and shaped and that's from the beginning she was telling george lucas ideas she picked etfs eyeballs is to the kid factor who among gilbert goes like you pick which the eyes itit's gonna have so he's married to frank marshall the producer of like cool reiter academy on i read about that i think so yes she was a a raiders poltergeists alive twister.

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