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Nineteen had sienna. I waited for the mail to rome. Which i afterwards joined and when we passed the patio we met a courier carrying news of the new pope clement. The seventh upon my wife limb loom. I went work in the shop of the master goldsmith senti. He was dead but his son of his carried the business it did not work himself but entrusted all his commissions to a young man could lukac national for me as a country fellow. Who while yet. A child had come into sunday service. This man was short but well proportioned and was more skillful craftsman than anyone who my had met with up to that time remarkable for facility and excellent design. He executed launch plate. Only that is to say vases of the utmost beauty basins and such. Pc's having put myself to work that. I began to make some candelabra for the bishop of salamanca. a spaniard. there were richly chased soon. That sort of work admits a pupil. Love diabeno coach francesco and commonly known as he'll photography was a painter of great ability and being on terms of friendship with the bishop. He introduced me to his favor. So that i obtained many commissions from the prelate and earned considerable sums of money. During that time. I went to draw and sometimes they make alike lows chapel and sometimes in the house of st no cheeky of sienna which contained many incomparable paintings by the hand of that. Great master raffaello. This idea on feast days because the house was then inhabited by messages. Mondo agostino brother. They bloom themselves exceedingly when they saw young men of my sort coming to study in their palaces. She's montas wife noticing my frequent presence in that house she was a lady as courteous as could be and of surpassing beauty. Came up to me. One day looked at my drawings and asked me if i was a sculptor or a painter to my saito was a goldsmith. She remarked that. I drew too well for goldsmith and having made one waiting maids bring a lily of the finest diamonds sitting gold. She showed it to me and made me value it. I valued it at eight hundred crimes. Then she said that. I had very nearly hit the mark and asked me whether i felt capable of setting the stones really well. I said that i should much like to do so. And began before her is to make a little sketch for working for the better. Because of the pleasure talking conversing with some lovely and agreeable agent woman when the sketch was finished another lumine lady of great beauty joined us. she had been above. And descending to the ground floor asked madonna. Pazienza was doing that. she answered with a small. I am using my self by watching this worthy young man at his drawing..

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