Joost, England, Japan discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode 333: Akira (1988)


Um but a number but there are certain collects is dotted around the world who have large chunks of the film in his original role states uh because this was a film where the raw materials did actually leave japan lee one destroy they were in acid or burned or in one famous case dumped into land sitting someone studio and then covered up with rv no one would motives um so um that's an another part of accurate legacy is that the raw materials of made it also made it out into the market for people to appreciate his ought in the room right you're this fan of animate though you don't know that you're fan of animator on your growing up you step into japanese culture studying yet what is that control and simplified so that brings those two things together you say i'm going to write about this and make this out of business for a lot of years i had no intention of staying in the enemy business i very much enjoyed being able to combine my day job will my my my studies of learning japanese with with being able to what science fiction films inchoate work um i did eventually right my doctorate about history japanese animation uh so joost's for fantastic way of of uh of getting to do your hobby ambi paid for it when i began translating i thought i'll stay in england for as long as there's there's money in this and then when it's all gone i'll go back to japan and get a real job or something.

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