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Coffee doesn't become exclusions if you put butter fats or brain octane in it, and then you blend it you must blend it for this to happen. You make small droplets fat. It actually changes the structure of the water in the coffee. So that when you drink it yourselves can use it directly, and what could be into this was that I discovered bulletproof coffee, at least the concept of it in remote, western Tibet at eighteen thousand feet elevation on the side of mount Kailash, which is the holy mountain in eastern religions, and they gave me a bowl of Yacob butter tea at a tiny remote guesthouse. This place was a half a mile. The nearest water and this little Tibetan woman every morning for her entire life. She had taken Yock butter and tea, and they'd pour it into a wooden churn, and they would churn it for ten minutes by hands before they would drink tea in money. They would never just eat a bite of butter in wash it down with T, which is what any intelligent person you'd think would do. And I thought it was a little bit crazy. In fact, the wealthy Tibetans with two yaks and not exaggerating either they would have a solar powered cell and a blender so that they could blend it and say themselves training, but they would never dream of doing training. Well, turns out that when you blend these fats into that your coffee, it does change the water. They noticed the difference. They've been doing it for thousands of years. And that is why if you pour cream in your coffee, you're unlikely to get the same effect as if you blend some specific fat molecules into your body. The other things that you could add to your coffee if you wanted to almost any kind of oil that you'd like to get more of into your diet. The problem is try putting krill oil or fish oil into your coffee. You're probably not going to like it. A some people use some nut oils, some people like to use on almond milk, and then add the brain Aachen oil, and it should mention brain octane oil is one of four kinds of MCAT oil. It's the one with the most lab studies about raising Keaton's the most common cheapest and most available MCAT oil does not raise key towns anymore than corn oil, and it's allowed to be labeled an MCAT oil, and this is called Laurich acid. So if someone selling MCAT oil that says Laurich acid in it that's not gonna raise your key tones. Have you ever tried putting the fish oil in coffee? It sounds disgusting. I have tried putting everything you can think of in coffee, literally thousands of experiments. Yes, I did fish at one time. And it was truly awful the other thing that was surprisingly awful was I put a quarter avocado and wants to see if I could get a little bit creaming us, and I gave it to my kids, and I took on drink and daddy. What did you do to this coffee? This is the worst ever had. No one likes hot all the Konta. No. I love Advocaat does. But I haven't met in a serious lapse of judgement. I tried putting like my fish oil in a smoothie day. Like, maybe the other flavors will mask it. Nope out. So. It was the grocery saying I've ever made a fishy. Milkshake Oklahoma's horrible. Because I formulate supplements, and I'm working in this live to one hundred eight year longer thing a lot of fish oil. You can get is rancid if it's expose very unstable. So exposed to heat and light it has way more of a fishy flavor. If it gives you like those fish burps, you have issues in the most precious type official comes from fish eggs. And this is what native Americans would do. They're actually save fish eggs, dry them. So they could give them to pregnant women because they needed the extra DHA and right now just last month. I just launch us up lament that's based on fish egg oil that sustainable assembly harvested, and so there's special phospholipids that go into the brain. And I can tell you that I would not put that bullet proof fish oil in my coffee to save my life. I'm gonna use the coffee to swallow the pills like. Like a normal person. 'cause I just can't imagine a fish flavored froth on anything. Totally. So I have a question about the guidelines that given to pregnant women about coffee consumption..

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