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Is trying to slow Joe Biden's momentum whether he's attracting crowds of thousands in Detroit or talking clean water in flint Sanders is on the attack against Biden he's highlighting differences over trade policies support for women and the LGBT community and the campaign he says defines grassroots populism I don't have Michael Bloomberg supporting my campaign I don't have CEOs of large corporations supporting my campaign and people understand that when you uphold the wealthy campaign contributors you cannot effectively speak for the working families of this country but Biden has ties to Michigan where the Obama administration bailed out the state's signature auto industry and help Detroit's exit from bankruptcy for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit and bite and picked up an endorsement from senator Kamilla Harris today North Korea has fired three unidentified projectiles according to south Korea's military and here's Anthony kun has more the south joint chiefs of staff say the three projectiles were launched northeastward from the town of sun dog in north Hamgyong province they had no further details about the projectiles a week ago the north fired two rockets in a drill personally supervised by leader Kim Jong un north Korea's foreign ministry says the launches were part of a routine military drills how are we supposed to protect our country at Aston a statement in hand holding check the military power of the US and South Korea despite such tensions Kim jong-un's and south Korean president moon jae in a letter last week expressing friendship and support for the south struggle with the corona virus outbreak Anthony kun NPR news Seoul on Wall Street futures contracts are trading much lower all three major indices are down more than four percent and one point trading on the S. and P. five hundred futures was halted after it fell five percent triggering circuit breakers this as investors worry about the spreading corona virus and on Saudi Arabia's move to discount oil prices and cut production Asian markets are trading sharply lower at this hour this is NPR the families of the victims of a passenger plane that was shot down over Ukraine in twenty fourteen are staging a silent protest in the Netherlands they're angry over Russia's lack of cooperation in finding out who is responsible for the downing Mr Schultz reports this comes a day before four men go on trial in Amsterdam the two hundred and ninety eight white chairs outside the Russian embassy in the Hague are arranged like seats in an airplane each chair represents a life lost when MH seventeen was shot down in July twenty fourteen but what investigators have determined was a Russian made missile fired from territory held by pro Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine relatives of the victims who stood in silence for two minutes three Russians and Ukrainians have been charged with murder for their alleged roles in the missile launch but will be tried in absentia as Russia and Ukraine do not extradite their citizens and international investigative team concluded last year that individuals in Russia using official phone lines were in almost daily telephone contact with rebels in the area where the missile was launched for NPR news I'm Terry Schultz the Iditarod dogsled races underway in Alaska as fifty seven mushers and their teams of up to sixteen dogs each will travel nearly a thousand miles from willow north of anchorage to the small gold rush town of nome the mushers and their dogs will face deep snow this year the trip is expected to take up to eleven days to complete again in world financial markets the Nikkei in Japan is down five point four percent right now the hang Seng in Hong Kong is down four percent U. S. futures contracts.

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