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Four nineteen twenty three open twenty four hours call eight hundred five two four nineteen twenty three Tokyo weather from KFI sunny and windy today with highs in the sixties and seventies clouds return later this evening same temperatures and probably less windy Friday as we head into the weekend there right now Sherman oaks reporting fifty four degrees it's fifty four in Stevenson ranch fifty two in Huntington beach and fifty two in the city of Irvine we lead local from KFI is twenty four hour news Rome I'm bill Seward this is coast to coast you're listening to coast to coast AM with George Noory welcome back to coast to coast psychic Vince Jenna joins us this hour when we take calls with Vincent and a half hours so he wants a specific question from you okay something very very specific whether it's about yourself for about the planets or anything like that but a very specific psychic question for him to answer and I'll be back with him is we'll talk about some of his thoughts of twenty twenty in a moment on coast to coast AM get on the average a burglary happens once every twenty three seconds in the United States while the proximate Lee two million burglaries reported a year in the US and they only wanted five homes have home security because most companies probably don't make it easy to have security complicated installations tough sales people long term contracts full of hidden fees that's why simply safe is a great choice for home security it's comprehensive professional home security that a very fair price and right now is your last chance to access their holiday savings you can get a free security camera plus twenty five percent off your security system to start the new year simply save offers twenty four seven professional monitoring our smart blocking video doorbell defending your front door an arsenal of sensors and cameras covering every inch of your home simply say it gives real time video confirmation to police in the event of a break in so police respond up the three point five times faster no contract hidden fees or find prince in prices start at just fifteen dollars a month simply save rarely does deals this big so now's your chance to get twenty five percent off your system and a free HD security camera so that you can take advantage of their video verification technology but you have to go to simply say from nori dot com that simply save nori.

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