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The good news is I want you to be back real great. Because anytime I look at a script and see background my heart's like so happy the bad has can't be Harley. I said why? And she said because I want back girl to live in Harley land, I want bat girl, hyper and crazy. And you know, she has no attention span. And she's all over the place that I'm just worried it's going. To be too close to Harley, and as you know, I had to kind of say I understand. But because I've played so many rations of Harley said do me favor bring me in and we'll do back girl. And then let me do five or six different Harleys beside it and see if we can still pull it off. And so we do the back row we set her voice, which is higher than any backer life done 'cause she's crazy crazy town. And then we start playing around with Harley, and I sort of had this inspiration to make her a little Brittany Murphy ish, and like that kind of clicked in to her. And so they heard that and they're like, okay. No more. We're done your and so to play them both back to back and yet another version of Harley was so fun. So check that show out to in. It's totally different than fun. That sounds so fun and exciting. You know, you know, me is should boy if you want anyway, I f y in w I d I v on Twitter and Instagram if dis on twitch speaking of which after you get that Amazon prime and watch all go through make sure you go ahead and connected to you twitch twitch crime zeldon coming through watch me play video games. And I love it. A lot of time jail talk about what we talked about on here. And we keep the conversation going. I like that you like that we all like that. Also, come to the discord salt squaw, discord dodgy G Ford slash salt squad and just go, you know, keep pumping, you know. And you stay stay stay Washington stories. You never know when there's trapped coming through. Gosh, he looked out people Bulent hit me out saying you slowing down on third straps like wealth. I gotta keep it surprising. I mean trail trail, I'm at msd any Fernandez and all the socials. I wrote in a book called the good immigrant that drops here in the US February nineteenth February nineteenth. It's a collection of. Of essays from actors and writers of color. It was super honored to be asked to be a part of these very talented people. So. Yeah. Pick it up or pre-order it you can pre-order it on Amazon coming out tight. Yeah. All right. Well. You know, we we usually do this. And we keep it going. So at the end of the show, we say state nerdy. You know, I guess since it's the Harley episode. Can we get a Harley Quinn, saying stay nerdy? Stay. Hi, I'm Ariel Casten. I'm Jonathan Strickland and together we're going to tell you the stories behind some of the biggest triumphs

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