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Guber Netties, Developer discussed on Software Engineering Daily


Have done and say yeah obviously this model is makes more sense it's more straightforward to do this program on top of an existing platform rather than have to make an entirely new blockchain's kinda hard coded for your application in different fields that we've covered on software engineering daily we've seen the importance of developer ergo nommik so in guber netties for example you see a better api for building distributed systems it's easier and simpler than perhaps something like open stack in the java script perry you see this with react jas review j s where it's much easier to build you i components than it was in backbone or perhaps eight the first version of angular you see this with tensor flow in that tensor flow maybe didn't exactly do anything new in terms of building deep learning models but the ap eyes are so much better that it allows us to leap forward is that a useful way of looking at a theory i'm that this is a affectively a better api you know you could spin up your own prediction market coin but why would you do that when you have this beautiful set of ap eyes within a theory him yeah i mean i'm trying to think of the right analogy to web development it would almost be like if you imagine before javascript existed you couldn't do a lot of things we like today you could into g mail in the browser implemented as a web application so people said well okay in addition to your web browser you'll have an email clients and you couldn't do online games in the browser because there was no groups of people said okay well we'll we'll download and distribute software for an online game and then see people said well like why don't we just add jobless grip make the browser programmable and then most of this client side software is going to go away and people just you know access things as web applications which is you know there's still silklined side software of course but most people just news the program a browsers of a way to deliver functionality.

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Guber Netties, Developer discussed on Software Engineering Daily

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