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Between our family owners, our staff, our guest Anne. I'm trying to find the best combination of all this associate to make sure that we are mentioning this could as your this French Riviera feel urine. Can you mentioned just before we started talking that it's a very exciting time for the hotel right now, being in the midst of the Cannes film festival? What does the festival main for the hotel, and perhaps more broadly? What do you think the festival means for can as a city is? Well, well, the infacy, Ben unkindness, big, big link I think can as a lot of recreation to give within visual, and I would sit same full of invasive, all it's been a seventy two years story. This is the biggest cultural event in the world. This event is happening every year and event is appointing every in the same city. This is because there is a real difference between the two and the match very well together. And that if Lucien of the city and of the festival as been in very, very tiny parallel, obviously, a hotel like this one is going to be dealing with quite a few hybrid clients. How would you describe the style of hospitality that your hotel specializes in an how does that speak to the kinds of clientele that you would typically get particularly at this time of year, I think there is a needs today for two guests to to, to feel guilty. Joe Tanti city of the city of the region of the building. They want to meet our people. They only meet the locals, they want to make sure that our people are from the region, and are able to have a sincere conversation about what's going on here. They want to feel a recognition, they are expecting us to understand their needs to pay Giannis. We are here to deliver some emotions. You're in business. You're the infacy value in vacation. You're a for weekend. It is our duty to give you the answer of all these different reason why you would visit Kanner by our service by our design by our restaurants by Albar by the details..

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