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She Teas Gas Espn College football analyst Todd mcshay Plus Fox Sports College football analyst Bruce Feldman, and now. You're rich is. Run everybody welcome this dish rich Eisen show here we are on a Friday getting set for the bulk of week to action with Thursday night football kicking things off our friends at NBC sports and NBC sports on Peacock along with our radio network. We're thrilled that you're all here. I, mean NBC sports, you WanNa talk about proud as a peacock Stanley Cup final set. You got the lightning taking care of the islanders late last night in overtime set up Stanley Cup game one between the islander, the between part, the lightning. And the stars that's on Saturday you've got a round three of the playoffs and Nascar, that's going on NBC sports. This weekend you've got the US Open. That's going on right now round two winged foot Bubba Watson having a Nice Day right now I see him picking up on the leaderboard now. Waiting for Justin, Thomas Your leader and Patrick read your leaders to tee off. So at Sunday night football on NBC is you've got. The Patriots and Seahawks. And that's just that's just the Pika. That's just that I mean we're not sports back. This is very exciting. The NBA bubble has got a lot of controversy in a lot of excitement in a lot of intensity in. An actual basketball being played amongst all of it. And News breaking things happening and we'll keep an eye on. I want to start with our friends in Ohio. Exhale browns fans him just for a moment. You'll any ale maybe hold your breath again. But that was a must win territory last night. and. The bengals. brought. One Joseph Burroughs of Athens Ohio to Cleveland Ohio by way of Cincinnati Ohio and Columbus Ohio and all sorts of Ohio. And Joey I think just through his nineteen thousand passive his NFL career last night congratulations Kenny phrase that's record or something. and. They survived all that. Is. Joey as he's known on twitter back doored the. Folks who thought the Browns we're going to win by a bunch last night. But the browns won by five. That's all you need. Thirty, five thirty. To be one and one and I know. What we're seeing on the screen, I'll describe to our radio audience as the statistics of last night's game. And a lot of people focused rightfully. So Baker Mayfield Sixteen to twenty, three, two, hundred, nineteen yards to scores bad tuck interception but outside of that excellent stat line for Baker, Mayfield needed do what he had to do especially finding Odell Beckham on a vertical in the end zone that was good to a lot of folks focused on the fact that Odell scored in Odell was part of the fence that looked really tight in the passing game Baker Mayfield making some nice throws, but it's the stat line of number twenty four that catches my eye. The twenty four rushes for one hundred and twenty four yards and two touchdowns. That's what will make the Cleveland browns twenty twenty season significant. We focus on Baker because he's number one overall and those progressive spots look much better last night in the game than the previous week. And we all focused on Odell for various reasons. We all know why? But Nick Chubb? Matched his uniform number for the number of rushing yards, and the last two numbers of his total of yards matches uniform number with a one in front of it. Twenty Four for one, twenty, four for number twenty, four. That's what we'll get at the Cleveland browns where they WANNA go. It will open up the passing game. It will take the pressure off of whereas Odell where we finding Odell if that is. A pressure as it was discussed certainly after week one. Defensively. myles. Garrett. Came up with. Defensive Player of defensive. Player of the year play what does that sure sack if you will force fumble but that was right after the browns went for it and got stone on the half inch yard line. Kevin Fancy could have gone up eleven didn't. Took took the. took the ball try to jam in there didn't work. Back on the bengals the browns make silly play on defense give borrow a little bit more space a little bit more room in here comes myles. Garrett pop at loose and is Joe. Buck congrats to him. On his. Announcement is the Pete Rozelle? Award winner for broadcasting wing and the pro football hall of fame joining his Dad. As Joe Buck was right on the spot call right away. Browns get the ball back right where they gave up. Then trump scores. That's what a defensive player of the year candidate can do erase. A negative. Of An overaggressive coach perhaps, figuring out that we gotta go for as many points as possible because he sees chopra winging it all over the lot. That's the good stuff. That's what the browns run. The ball control the clock take the pressure off the passing game. Keep that defense of your opponent on the field and put your defense out there that hopefully for them on the back and we'll get more healthy, and now they've got the many by week with the Washington football team coming into their house in week number three, and then after that at the Dallas Cowboys, of course, we will be that's a big fat week for meal. I mean you could pretty much settle Nansen Romo into. Dallas for week four for that call. That's going to be a big game potentially for both teams certainly with Dallas taking on Atlanta this week and.

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