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I can't and I ate one of those so yeah I did when they first came out I was curious he probably is a fast food places was offering a probably something so growing in your colon I took in slug insecticide yeah we're talking to will Kaghan he's managing director of the center for consumer freedom they put a full page ad in the LA times today what's in plant based meets said that we're getting an earful here of all these bizarre abled website clean food facts dot com affected your touches story on this and what wills telling us is they don't disagree with that much in this big article they wrote fake beat verses realty so let's talk more with will all right so clean glycol what what is that what's it used for all decided musical acts off for instance but it's in the in the field in particular is used to assess the retain moisture you know that the liquid and so that's what the you know what is this fake meat patties or whatever they are there to dry out so they they might look at that to help in what year end why is it any cigarettes it is just like a a flavorless liquid that they can use I guess yeah I'm not an expert in vaping but I guess it just yeah it's good for carrying that stuff into your lungs I guess all these things have some properties that help the products somehow I guess it's a little yeah I like it I think we'll be back all those who use not that stake smoke you'd have a party is still kind of get a date for that you can it's probably safe to ingest is different and requires a ordered in water quality but that that's what another use for this is there any any of the stuff used in embalming bodies my knowledge baby baby they can meet used in the bombing bodies did you ever propylene glycol sounds like something you injected a corpse I do keep an eye out fresh let's also talk to will about the sodium in these products and if they are factory produced a lot of them so people think one of the top of their head well you know I'm gonna get a lot healthier meal here than having a meat burger but they think should know more about what they're ingesting yeah it is this kind of one of the ads here is we're not going to be in such a kill yeah I mean in general position if you need anything in moderation for the most part but yeah people don't know what this this plan pays really means a whole range of things to go fly feel and so again people yeah you will then say okay well maybe one or two so I made our maybe I feel guilty about eating beef for some reason I think it's bad for the environment let me try this other products here and maybe it maybe it's better for me I can feel better about it but yeah one is just a look this this stuff and your starting point right if you just take your real beef burger it's pretty low in sodium if maybe I will get to figure out excuse me to the top yes of salt pepper to it but this stuff is typically much much higher in sodium well this is for the private sector the status there's a story here that a four ounce beef Patty is has seventy five milligrams of sodium but a beyond burger has three hundred ninety milligrams that's right okay so if you get that's it carries the basically well it's the same in every little saturated fat that's over five times as much yeah what what what is have no idea now you have there's also something called ferric phosphate which is used in slight pesticide where does this Hey again this is all they can use that iron are content to the the faith based well yeah you can be a real meat is gonna have ironed it naturally and this is a way of kind of adding hired into foods to fortify them so we had a guy it's not gonna kill you but it's again part this whole industrial products as well as a way to say it kills the slugs why we're gonna kill us well fortunately we're not slug we are human beings it says I am a lot of times the beyond burger has about eighteen ingredients including purified P. protein coconut canola oils rice protein potato starch and beach use beaches is exactly they use no genetically modified or artificially produced ingredients well it they they they they do it well what what is the definition of artificially produced ingredients of it has this stuff and the question yes Sir yesterday the GMO issue if possible have gotten the flak for that and the I think unfairly I yeah I don't think you can give for GM of one if you will I'm not familiar with any any credible science was it was a bad for you but yeah I got it yes it goes back low point of the stock is it if we are not going to the backyard garden it's not that kind of plan what is that what is the element is that they use in aim fire extinguishers magnesium carbon magnesium carbonate yeah it can also be used to prevent clumping in shoes as well as it can also have a a bit of a coloring agent to it as well and you can put out fires with yes I mean it's also used them in you are here to talk about that so if there's a kitchen fire you just throw some impossible Bergeron you know that could be used for just to be honest I guess will your center for consumer freedom do you get any funding from the meat industry or where is it coming from yeah yeah the gymnast on if you want to give her a chance to be transparent about that if you get something for the students are everywhere from far before well some give foundation with other individuals well yeah we do yeah we have a bias it's the best time to go out and and say look yeah there's information out there that you're not aware of and yeah they were trying to put a more fresh out there but the other day it was a look people can make up their own minds we're trying to make sure they have all the facts out there well I I think people will have the idea that this stuff is your organic natural and it's not clearly it's some weird scientific invention that's supposed to mimic the taste and and the and the texture of meat but all right yeah good good good talking to you think they're going to enjoy it thanks for coming on yeah exactly that's will Kaghan managing director of the center for consumer freedom they took out the full page ad in the also good of times about what's in plant based meets just to make them from mark a little math you know what the numbers are Americans purchase six point four billion beef burgers in the join the twelve months ended in may how many plant based burger is two hundred twenty eight million so Jane fat cells this big stuff twenty five to one okay and is that you're part of some high I don't either streaming real or fake strange little cold yes we want to talk about the animals beef intake has been falling but the chicken intake is more than doubled like in the last three decades chickens are going down check when we come back I I tell you what is just the most fantastic column maybe well there was two Steve Lopez is a writer for the el Segundo times he did one the other day about a homeless guy that was trying to save a bird that was good but today he's lamenting the purchase of curry paste curry paste like you need we'll explain what this is about but it is a star article coming to.

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