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Martin's got a pretty good shot of getting ends on this week. I think he's again, a viable, you know, high end flex play low end Rb to playing Joe mixing for the Bengals and tell her boy, we continue to say, it's no AJ green. He is the most targeted player for this Bengals offense. It's not close. John Ross has been productive in a touchdown department. When AJ green has not played that is the ultimate gamble. The role of the dic- is sort of like what I think I would have called Mike Williams going into last night's game. If Keenan Allen had stayed healthy, right? If she'd now healthy microwave isn't half three touchdowns. But that's not correct John Ross. It's like Dante Pettis Mike Williams those guys that could score touchdown any game. Or they could also have you know, two catches for thirty seven yards. Right. The Bengals one of those catches was ridiculous the Mike Williams, but but the run come on. I mean, the run was an an amazing play at some point the chiefs. He like come on just let like a six foot four guy twenty rumble for twenty yards event is not there when he caught up field. He had a burst of explo- expect out of a guy as big as he was. I mean, he's unripe gas Mike friend of the podcast, Mike Williams. I mean, look there's a reason like when the chargers took him top five overall, seventh right? Took them in the first and the first ten picks known was like, whoa. What are the charges doing there? I mean, he was a rockstar. And Clemson I mean, so I mean, everyone thought like go to mosier at their the. Yeah. Anyway, so, but but still you shouldn't let a guy that size run rush for twenty yards. We'll discuss that more on Monday. The Bengals are two and a half point favorites in this game. The bank. I guess. Easy now, that's an easy pick taking the Bengals whenever it's a game. Like this. You gotta just pick the team that has the best player. Joe mix gonna score it. What does it? You said Keith four touchdowns and two point conversion. Yeah. Twenty six just on just on touchdown tubing. I think the raiders are traveling short week. Cardinals. And again, I haven't made our picks hits. Von who you taken in this one angles to say this because as you know, what happens when you guys count on the Bengals what they bone you. Yeah. Yeah. They bone you. And so you know, what give me the raiders raiders Matthews going with the raiders the cardinals go to Atlanta to play the falcons another one of those teams traveling across the country in playing an early kickoff. Let's begin though with the cardinals. You're starting David Johnson has been a great season. We understand that much. And was there again, you're chasing touchdowns. Seeming David Johnson's going to be fine. Facing rainbows with a quad injury practice Wednesday say Matthews talking right? Over me. I'm just talking to Daniel. Sometimes Daniel I have our own little podcast a button that says that you can go back and frame amazing. Been doing this for a long forty years. Playbook right there. David Johnson for those joke to find him in. All right. Come on there. Absolutely. Not define you. Could you repeat for me? What you said about David David Johnson has a quad injury. Didn't practice on Wednesday limited on Thursday? I am assuming that he will be better enough today to give it a go. But we should double check. Keep an eye on David Johnson on Sunday for the falcons Julio Jones the best wide receiver in the NFL. As Kyle's aptly noted on the sheet. You're starting him. I've have some people say he's over it is right. Well, let's go to the poll did have a poll about this the poll came in. We ran up for two and a half days..

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