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The every other time you hear this sound you're going to run away i gotta run away all why should i heard it again okay came back never listen to this song in an odd number of times onscene clerks you give bond on the head with this song and you want to run away from home be man says in that like asi text are nice i saw hey and it's it's his nice song i'm said now scott rowdy worlwide a new cover photo for facebook for that awful sound facebook go check it out of your life i need j stimac replies be man cool a beam in cool cool cool cool really quickly i want to plug the patriarch patriarch dot com slash that awful sound where uh last week now at this time i released the unheard cohesion cambridge awful banned spotlight this is an episode that michael and i recorded in 2016 the you're welcome ever on the official title of it is let me pull this up here folks this is the official title of the episode it is awful banned spotlight volume five awful album spotlight volume one cohen came ria good apollo i burning star four volume one from fear through the eyes of madness okay this was a very important album for me and michael i'm assuming we were big choline cambria fans and you know he still is i would like you to know that the law i guess in their mind it wasn't alaska we joe but over you and i both went to a coach oh not that long but it was a neverending were they just played that were there.

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