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Regime's greater goals can be achieved. I would add. We've observed this across the united states and president. Donald j trump has been very pointed in calling this eight china virus. Yes and i think since podcast in the us you can see a similarity for example. Donald trump saying this is a wuhan virus or a chinese virus. So many countries have tried to divert their inadequacies. The other in india. This virus was seen as a war against the virus because they have no other comparison. They didn't say that this is a massive health. Crisis because that would have pointed to inadequacies of this and other governments which have not been able to provide health for all or even a proper medical system are hospitals in rural areas. So instead it was said you know it's a war meaning you have is for the nation while this is going on. So the discourse was militarized in a sense and the leaders who also very top leaders saying that we have to crises nine of actual control that is between china and india and this support were equated like some external threat and i noticed that a lot of specially writing populists did to dr dave ball to narrow the also this award this award so get ready but it's a war that means a country has to put in more resources for whoever is even if they want to use this analogy. That wasn't done. it was just. It's a war. So you're on your own staying indoors and do copter said keep doing patriotic so the public discourse was not very intelligent i feel and islamaphobia was on the rise because it started from a debris jemma which is an islamic congregation in in delhi where a lot of outsiders so this from specially from west asia malaysia et cetera. It's a yearly or by event a very religious events. People have come for that and they had been given reasons to come so it's not the came on their own they will legitimate visitors and the virus was spreading every van. Not just in this congregation. So this congregational. Fever crumb specially arrestation countries even malaysia. Another david just locked up almost together and they were blamed for this and as you know a government that additive books at different levels. They have to just see one thing. It's like a dog. Listen and others on the ground take this up at stop blaming the muslim community and in fact it would be of interest future know that some of them went to court the judgment as recently come out it specifically said that no it did not spread the virus at all and these people should be released because some of them are just jaded in very bad conditions. So i think the kind of humanity that one has to deal with medical crisis was And a sense to the student of comparative politics. I read this similar kind of incidences in many authoritarian especially countries like mine mall where others were blamed for where the poor clusters were named that. Or these are not and it's coming from there. So i think india and the world we need to really rethink and i think it's great. In america that people were able to defeat. Donald trump and the kind of narrative laid out during the covered. Just not happen to other places in considering the second part of the triple threat. The indian economy much like economies around the world india has not been spared from the effects of covert. But you take an interesting and in depth look at what the current administration in india has done in these challenging times. Some of the statistics you offer or startling but you also point out. There's a lack of transparency in these statistics. For example amidst the backdrop of india's shrinking economy and kovic pandemic india spanned on defense is eleven percent of the overall budget while allocated spend for how is only two percent other areas of concern which i would like you to elaborate upon include the lack of health infrastructure mistreatment of workers who originate from wool areas. Who lives were turned upside down. With the country's lockdown a step of privatization in only certain sectors a dilution of hard one labor loss agricultural reforms which have zero plans for effective implementation and execution by the government and from a global basis we have witnessed the ongoing protests by the former throughout india. These are only some of the responses until would ask you to share more on all of this far less nurse. Yes when i must confess. I'm not an economist. And what i being is from the newspapers and from debates within many economists have said that recently they cannot rely on all governments statistics about growth. Of course we do have strong sadistic log innovations and they can be problems in a country of talking about statistics men Billions of people. You know over the people but there was this whole aura before the kobe. That india is such a big emerging. And it's going to kind of catch up with the developing countries. Eight the growth of eight percent and in many sectors applause visible in the kind of improve living standards of the elite along. This has been you know. This isn't a period of reform actually nitric nineteen thousand nine hundred. Two onwards in your did a complete u-turn from its earlier mixed.

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