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And from zouk menlo park company that's hired former national highway traffic safety administrator and ntsb member mark rose kind as its chief safety officer rose kind admits self driving cars are not yet ready for prime time but human beings kill one hundred people a day on the roadways and these confident autonomous vehicles can do better this new technology is the i knew real tool in one hundred years that could actually allow us to get zero in san francisco doug sovereign kcbs a driver breach the main security gated travis air force base wednesday night and then crashed and died when his vehicle explode added into a massive fireball investigators are treating the incident as an act of terrorism law enforcement sources say the vehicle carried propane tanks which the driver deliberately ignited after crashing through the security gate the car drove off the road into a ditch and the driver died in the fire cbs news reports the driver has been identified by law enforcement but has not been named no shots were fired the fbi is joining the air force in the investigation of the security breach that happened at about seven pm coming up on kcbs gentlemen v ta gets closer to deciding how bart trains will pull in to downtown san jose get it funded get it built and give people writing time for the sportsline at one fifteen here's bruce mcgowan on kcbs well unlike last year when they struggled down the stretch of the regular season the sharks are playing their best hockey as they head towards the playoffs six straight wins nine of their last eleven and beat one of the best teams in hockey two to one and a thriller in overtime at the tank in san jose over the las vegas golden knights logan couture with this game winning goal just thirty nine seconds into the extra period check inside pets the familiar voice of radio with.

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