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Today and Carmen and your co and as we just heard The San Diego Padres have acquired Mike Levinger waiting for the pieces to find out exactly what they gave up. But that is a name that Bob Nightengale mentioned as somebody. The white sacks were interested. He is now off to San Diego, which means that if the white sacks are going to acquire a Front of the rotation type of arm land. Flynn is probably the one who was left on the market who will be moved before today's three o'clock Major league baseball trade deadline. So we will be keeping our eye on that. And we will also be a waiting to see what happens with Leonard Fournette if he does indeed. Clear waivers, and the Bears will have an opportunity to go ahead and sign him to a veteran minimum contract. That is what we're watching for now, York But we also had. AH, Couple of Ah, good. Siri's by both the Cubs and White sex this weekend, I thought I mean, The white socks with a couple of lock off Saturday wasn't isn't wasn't wasn't as good as both Friday and Sunday and the Cubs yesterday. My goodness, lot of home runs home runs out of the outfield to to to Proceed to make six. Yeah, That's what I hear first time that's ever happened. So there you go. Each child fielder with at least two the Cubs kind of We're two and two right? They were and one into beforehand. So this road trip is it quite going the way that they thought it was going to go and you're sitting here at three and four. That's not good enough. I'm sorry. No, that's true. They still you know what? Though? It's good enough when you're in the National League Central right now it is and congratulations. Go out to the Cubs. But I mean, at some point, you've got to start playing some exceptional, exceptional baseball all the way around and more consistent baseball, But because they got off to a hot start that gives him the luxury to play mediocre baseball for an extended period of time. Hopefully they can get back on track. Yu Darvish, his 13th victory for his career. What did you do? What did you do to celebrate number 13? You know, I can't say that he didn't think I did for number 12. Almost like we're getting up to fight victories a year. I don't know what to do. Right now. It looks celebrations are starting to take place all over Chicago Land. If you're a Cubs fan, I think you was Theo only consists the one consistent. You feel great about where he goes out to think you've gotten as much out of Hendrix is you thought you might like. He's got a tendency to be dominant, but he's AH, home picture. He's not necessarily an away picture. So you know it was, I guess, and Lester, who knows till you get not a Lester, it seemed like for the Cubs that it was going to be A better weekend. Then it was because Craig Kimbrel, of course, blows the second half of a of a twin bill back. So that was obviously disappointing for Cubs fans on Saturday when Craig Kimbrel gives up and you were hoping I think that he was maybe on his way to getting back on track looked to be better performances that Yeah, that did not happen on Saturday and now We start all over again is Craig Kimbrel somebody that you can even trust? You know, in a normal seventh inning situation, safe situation. Well, I don't think he's getting the ball in the safe and going back to set up a road and you just hope at that point, you can actually trust him there. Jim Bowden has tweeted. Some of the pieces that the Padres did give up for Mike Levinger include Josh Naylor, one of their highly sort of hitting prospects. Tell Quantrill his father, Paul was a pitcher, longtime relief pitcher in baseball Cal Quantrill has been kind of a A fifth, you know, started at best, right Gabriel eras, and that looks to be the three players that they have sent for my clever for young pieces going back over in expensive the most important thing for the Cleveland Indians. So Josh Neal is probably the headliner there. I don't know much about Gabriel eras. Eso. We'll have. I don't know any of those names that you mentioned. So thank you for at least havinsome knowledge on somebody in that trade. My pleasure. One other name, too. I mentioned last Lance Lynn. Is thie, You know, the biggest starter who's now left Now that Clevinger has been dealt away, Josh hater, the Brewers air. There's been rumors that he is somebody who could be traded. And if you're like I don't know what it's going to cost. That's obviously the biggest. Ah Contributing factor to whether or not you go ahead, make a deal here. But Josh Hater is somebody who in the playoffs could be used for tuning stents. You know, frequently and a lefty out of the pen. I know the White Sox Open has been masterful all season long, but you can never have enough bullpen help. And if you cannot make a deal for Lance Lynn, I would not if I were the Whitesides completely disregard the idea of also trying to kick the tires on a Josh Hater deal. Somebody who would be an impact arm Unlike any other out there. You almost asked yourself out of the Cubs be interested that arm But then we get back to the question of what it would a team inside your own division. Make that deal. If it costs, you know, at least to the point where wouldn't be cost prohibitive and the odds are probably absolutely no. So that's where you look at that easy, Eriko I'm Jeff. Mellow you confront you can check us out on twitch as always, and twitch is brought to you by Blue Moon, the official craft beer sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. So check us out on twitch..

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