Kim Jong Hoon, Justice Department, North Korea discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I'm Randy Johnson. And I want to be your jeweler. The Trump administration is reacting to a deadline that was issued by North Korea's Kim Jong Hoon correspondent bills. Infor tells us more over the weekend Kim said he would give the United States until the end of the year to show more flexibility in the policy in North Korea. Came also said he would only be interested in another meeting with President Trump if the United States came with a new attitude secretary of state Pompeo has brushed aside. Those remarks saying Monday Kim should live up to his own promise to give up nuclear weapons by the end of the year. Bills him for NBC News Radio. The Justice department is concerned about the twenty six. Billion dollar merger between T mobile and sprint reports. Officials from the Justice department of told both companies that the deal in its current arrangement may not be approved. However, a final decision on the giant merger hasn't been made lawmakers and consumer groups have pushed for the merger to be scrapped because it would cut the number of nationwide wireless carriers from four to three the final word on the deal will likely come in the next couple of months. A seventy one year old Louisiana man is accused of being a serial rapist. Police arrested Harvey found of Pineville on one hundred preliminary counts of first degree rape, including crimes against minors. Officials say the assaults began in the early nineteen seventies and spend the early nineteen eighties. It was initially held on fifty counts of first degree rape before -tective able to identify additional victims fountain is being held in the repeats parish detention center on one million dollars. Bail officials say the investigation is ongoing and there is the potential for more arrests. And another pro sports league is taking action after racist. Comments reached athletes. Major league baseball said it's investigating racist. Messages. Sent a cubs pitcher Carl Edwards junior on his Instagram account. This. Two incidents in the NBA where fans have been banned from attending games after hurling racist comments at players in Salt Lake City. And in Boston Edwards was demoted to triple a Iowa on April the sixth after a rocky start.

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