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Providers evolved from just being in our homes to being in our pockets, it is increasingly important to understand what kinds of data. They collect on us who they share it with and how it is used with these concerns in mind, the FTC has launched a probe into several ISP's to see how they use our data. And if they are following the rules. Here's one of the main reasons why I believe the FCC should be in charge of regulating. The telecommunications space. The FTC mandate is not very well empowered. For the FTC as long as a company, I'm grossly over simplifying this. This is a much more complicated back and forth discussion, please look up an individual egged zone. She breaks this stuff down amazingly. Well in interviews. She has one with to the point worn only where she. Laser scalpel delineates, the differences between what FTC regulation looks like. And what regulation should look like. But me translating that oversimplifying it. Essentially as long as a company properly discloses in their terms of service, how they're going to screw you the FTC can't do a whole lot about it. So when you're end user license agreement changes because they can change the contract a telecom can change their contract with you at any time, and you have to agree to it. If you wanna keep using their service. The only other thing you can do is not use the internet. That's not a solution. But as long as they're properly disclosing to you that they're going to throttle your connection that they're going to put on a data cap that they're going to interfere with your data that they're going to take packets of your data and sell it off to marketing companies, you know. They can do it. If the FTC is is investigating telecoms. That's how bad the situation has gotten if they're found guilty of any kind of fraud or any type of manipulation or any type of privacy concern. That they just didn't even bother changing their terms of service or their end user licensing agreement. That's how brazen the telecommunications industry has gotten. Which is ridiculous. Do we have a a spam? Marin hold on. Let's see where. And you know, what I'm just going to go. All right. Let's see if that helps. Okay. So little little pause there to do some some internet censorship of my own. I like censoring people on the internet. Yeah. If the FTC is actually getting involved in something it means that the telecom the telecommunications industry because it's not just like Comcast. It's everybody AT and T. Comcast cool fiber t mobile Verizon, everyone is getting investigated right now. And again, there isn't even any smoke here. This is sort of a proactive investigation of business practices in privacy. How they handle privacy situations. But of any are actually found to have violated. Their their terms of service. That's ridiculous. The FTC can't really regulate the space to the effectiveness that we would hope for protecting something like net neutrality or data privacy data security. So that'll be really bad. I am. Oh, all right folks RA. Quick before we get to article thirteen. I know I'm a. I'm running a little long here already. I do need to check in real quick. Again. My weekly initiative talking about trying to build a community to.

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