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To discuss that contract with a live PD county sheriff Tony their big part of that show. National remember it was just a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the story in which a Georgetown law, your filed a complaint against the Williamson county commander. It was part of this show, who reportedly told deputies that it was his goal to shag. One of the producers of the show. Well, that could be a problem that is a measure problem that right? There is a good enough reason to drop it. Agreed perry. That's, that's that alone that alone no positive void to spend that. And the Williamson county detective. Yeah. Should be exactly. That's not cool. Not cool. The other deputies should have a problem with him as well. It is nine forty eight here on the Totta more sense to me. Now, you remember the name. John Walker Lynn. Does that ring a bell? Yes. He was the American Taliban member, the pictures of him in the back of that truck after being captured let me set the stage it was, I can't even recall the year. But the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh was one of many Taliban fighters that were apprehended in being held in a prison and there was some sort of uprising the Taliban was able to find its way out a CIA operative was killed one of our guys was killed. John Walker land. The American Taliban is set to get out of prison early. This is on rollcall dot com. Senators are asking Donald Trump and the administration. Why the American Taliban is getting out of prison Marquette. Melinda going to dive deep into this story coming up at the top of the outright tan. You do not want to miss that baths, Arava seventeen years. Karen in south Austin? Good morning. Speak up about this. Check the box about it. He had been convicted of a crime. Yeah. There's a fair chance hiring job, fair. That's taking place Thursday. And this is for folks who have a criminal conviction on the record helping them. Get a job after prison life in. It's, it's a fair chance job. Fair, basically. That's great. But I just wanted to bring up that I there was a city, no names here. I'm not gonna say name city of Austin employees that worked for a particular city department, that had been overseas contract the contract. Let's just put it that was recently in the news, I will just say, Corex ain't gonna hold on that contract years ago about another issue. And I researched to the contact monitored for you. Yes. Ma'am. Well, what's in hard? Good for me, but it wasn't hard. Anyway, that individual had been convicted of contract. Big manipulation in another entity and sitting foster means to have to check the pucks, if he were convicted for crying, so they, they want Uber and lift to do background checks before they hire everybody. But the city of Austin, it self doesn't you remember the story. I can't remember the guy's name, but he was some kind of technical support guy working for the city of Austin that they put on the fourth floor of some building downtown away from everybody because he had various sexual harassment complaints against him. And they just wanted him to fade away into retirement. They gave him a safe place in a quiet place out of sight out of mind, so that he could just go away. Just go relaxed or he had this on his on his record. Listen you live. You know, they're coming up at ten and now you got got je Jefferson at three to seven in forego chance to see them yesterday. We did. And that. Mean that meeting. Yeah. Interesting wasn't it amazing? Interesting. Rarely are we in the same room at the same time? I cannot tell you the last time, I've seen Jeff Ward Beata. Didn't he? Let me look good..

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