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Manson head a bunch or you know, son of Sam, they always always get followers. Sure. Sure. I don't necessarily think this is glorifying him. However, I wish that the trailer wouldn't have been so like upbeat and positive. It does seem like it's kind of like they've guy who's Choi as. We stab them bitches and play. All right. Shoot a set this up more along the lines of like a lifetime movie trailer. I think. Moshe did the music for timber. Tim would have been a good fit. The get some Danny elfin going on in there. Ooh. Yeah. I don't know. I I think that the way that the presenting the trailer is not. It almost feels like a dark comedy. It's not sensitive to the with the material is or should be an, you know, considering that it's all based on true, right? Now, I haven't heard anything from like the families come ons anything about it's just been mostly like people on social media bitching about it and shit. I'm sleep. Well, did he kill you like somebody, you know, like? Now, the director and. Also, Zac for have come out in Senate like the movies, not like that. Like, you know, this is this is is going to show the darker elements of what happened in it's going to stay true to the actual events of what happened, but to be fair Ted Bundy did kind kinda come across like he was a rockstar. He went was in it himself as his own lawyer during his fucking murder trials home, man. Like, this do was a narcissistic like egotistical just he was in medical school. And you know, he pretty much thought that he could do whatever he wanted and not get caught because he just he was so egotistical to he thought that he was never gonna get caught. Because he was he was the perfect criminal exactly in. I mean in at the time, and even seeing some people say it now like all, you know, they thought he was attractive. Oh, he's such a nice wholesome of mayor in the send you can never see him. Do these things or whatever like. I wanna fuck them. Like like, there was a lot of people that head to attitude towards them. And I'm just like so I could see why they would come. You know approach it from that direction. They did say from what I understand at least that the film is supposed to be told from the perspective of his girlfriend. So in for years, she was in denial about him being a serial killer. Even after he was convicted, and she didn't believe it. So if we're looking at this through her lens, then it makes sense to make him seem larger than life, and like this great person. Whenever he picks up the low girl, and he's likes toiling around birthday cakes and shit together. Yeah. So it's like that. I mean, that's kind of how he was though, he had this persona of. Yeah. Oh, you know. I'm not doing anything wrong who who was a great guy into. He was murdering and raping women. Great. You. He was nice about it to hold on. He's like, I'm sorry. I'm doing pre right? I think though, I think from an intern in a trailer. It does get a little bit more serious and darker like the whole trailer is not just like, you know, partying and shit. He dancing around. I still got that. It was just too too light hearted of trailer for me. But again, they might have just showed the light hearted moments of Sherman, and the and then the rest of the move is more dark unserious of because towards the end like when they're showing him like dragging the dead girl's body and shit and him hitting a bitch and hit with a crowbar like that. When it starts getting. Yeah. Darker, and I think that surprisingly Zac Efron is doing a really good job of playing that kind of narcissistic charming manipulative side of Ted Bundy. And then he still came across as like this dark creepy like you wouldn't want to be an alley. Stuck with him type would leave you. Kids with him at a murky party type shit like he has always been one of the actors that was considered more attractive and oh, yes. So really, I think the only port that he would head to really work on was the Darkin. Zeki because we already know he can do the charming type. Should it's like, yeah. They came apart. How Sheldon's in this thing? Please..

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