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And congratulations, you know, you may not have been the favorite or even in the conversation, but in the end, you're going to have a banner that your kids can come to the now while say the real, but they can now come to bally's in Paris next year. Look up and say, that's my dad. That's gonna be cool. It's pretty cool. I just think about that. I think I'm gonna make sure that both the girls come out this year to see it. You're gonna have to get the picture. And what I mean by that is, eventually, you're gonna be playing one day, and it's gonna be in the background. Right. Like, so you'll be at a table nearby and it'll be right there. I never thought that I haven't thought of that. How can I hug you and I were playing? I forgot what game it would probably do to 7, because I was there. I don't play many mixed games. And so it's probably just a 7. And like right behind him there was his picture. And I was like, huh, hold on a second. Click. And so I did it with Joe hashim once. I've done it with Greg Merck. It's just hysterical. It eventually happened. So the minute it has to have someone take a picture. It's going to be a fun troll to be playing and playing in a pot and just when somebody's in the tank and just like remind them, hey man. You see that? That should be a fun show. Maybe another good one is that it fill is sitting there and you're in the background. You can take your picture like that. There you go. That is going to be used a lot that there will be a lot of there will be a lot of tweets with my band out there next year. Well, congratulations Josh like I said, what a great showing an incredible rhyme. Really a run for the ages in a run that all of us dream about, right? You win one, you win two all of a sudden, you kind of look around and go, I guess I gotta go for it. Let's go, you know? And then you end up getting in and what a great story. And from hoping to win another to not only winning in two, but now winning player of the year is congratulations Josh, what a great run. I appreciate it, man. Thanks for having me. It was a lot of fun. Josh aria here 2021 WSOP player of the year. Stay tuned. We've got more winners more stories from the 2021 WSOP. It sounds crazy everyone, but the 2022 WSOP is only 5 months away. And it's right around the corner. So I'm sure we're going to be talking about that real quick too. So thanks for everyone. For listening, have a great night and as always, may you always go in with the best hand and may never get unlucky. Thanks everybody..

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