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So yeah. But to your point. Yeah. The Pac twelve that's part of the issue with that conference as well. They're trying to, you know, increase their visibility in some of that time zone related, but at the end of the day, you got to perform in the big games. Searcher? Okay. Well, let's get to Monday night. I read your predicting Alabama in a narrow victory. Some your colleagues are a little bit of dissension is what what is your take on talking to people is that the favourite is Alabama is that we're most people are. Yeah. It's the same six point five to seven point spread that they had the last time we played in the championship game. A ten degree think the thing to watch. Most is what happened in Oklahoma? How Simpson kind of weather this big I punch that Alabama rose in the first quarter. I mean that game was over with thirteen one left and second and how how do they adjust to that without extra Lawrence? I if I was selling this game though to the common fan, I would just say to and Trevor Lawrence or to future first round picks. I think they'll be back in this championship setting highs rates next year. I think they'll be first-round NFL picks. And I think the two of them are gonna put on the show against some pretty good defenses on Monday night. Now Bama will probably have the advantage in the end. Bill before you go. I do wanna get your take on on the overall bowl situation. Certainly a lot of debate. We talked about the Georgia situation the players not going anywhere with all the bowl games gone. But the championship. What's your final verdict on on the bowl system in college football, some people like to complain about it for the sake of complaining, but there's diehard like knew that will sit up when my wife goes to bed and watch the chief that bowl because I wanna see how it end, you know, some of us will watch thirty nine I think one thing that would help would be to cut the number down to twenty five twenty five to twenty get rid of six and sixteen. That's always a big complaint. Make players wanna play in these games. But you know, the tipping point will be when a player ops to sit out of a playoff game. I don't area where that would happen. But I wouldn't overrule it because you saw a couple of players this season pull out in the middle of the regular season when they were injured. Yeah. No about the way. If you expand the play out there. I think there should be a better chance of that happening than the way. We currently have it. We will see you out there. Bill. Always appreciate you coming on. Hey, I can't wait Paul. Thanks so much Fred mill and thank you bender from the sporting news, by the way, he picks Ella Bama to win by three under the number. In case, you're keeping track of such things. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Jimbo Fisher just finishing off on New Year's Eve is first season at AM brought to you by a Holiday Inn express the radius coach thanks so much for making time..

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