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Report of as an accidental shooting in kenner on christmas eve but now it's being classified as a homicide kenner police officials say autopsy results of a twenty five year old man were not consistent with the statement given by his girlfriend who's been booked with manslaughter a tanker truck loaded with self uric casted caught fire this morning in mandeville and shut down a portion of north causeway boulevard the roadway now open but delays are lingering police are continuing to investigate a fight between juveniles in st james parish at a christmas eve bonfire celebration on the missing tzippi river levy in grammercy sheriff willie barton jr says two white males into black blackmails got in a fight injuring an unidentified 15yearold and 17yearold shannon do mouse junior with some arrests forthcoming today on wall street the dow was up sixty three nasdaq closing up ten oil rising twenty cents and closed at fifty nine dollars eighty four cents a barrel is your wwl forecast kept will be in the 40s tonight dipping to the mid thirty's in the morning on the northshore and around forty south of the lake partly cloudy tomorrow with highs in the mid fifty mid 60s on saturday at armstrong international in kenner cloudy and forty four lakefront airport forty six and in slidell it's also 44 degrees i jim hanzo wwl first news and wwl traffic wwl traffic center on patty burnham and if you're eastbound toward slidell from downtown on the i tand we're going to have delays back to between us one eight in a lesion feels because of an accident on the top of the high rise it's at down men it's got the right lane blocked once you get past that traffic moves well into slidell westbound toward mattering kenner traffic's moving well through the city and all.

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