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Five five two one two four series i hope the calls get better than that 'cause better emails you won't gouge fine did you have a have a little personality when you call have something to add let's go to a william in virginia william you're on cbs sports radio hurt ballpoint craig mccaw thank you um well ruko appoint our make if i could go back very very colleague repaired on their talk about the third year in a lot of things on the pd your about the honda same thing over and one of the jury that i think a black lady and he basically oh what a measure there she they build it they're not guilty because he worked why okay doing i'm hearing all those social inequality in la eight at the time that they were going to get either with the la pd uh the other point that i wanted to make is actually are ruined the parents of another caller cold air and in oregon were very poor baker he added were you not will gain invite and i have a big problem with that who you look at aaron hernandez you're quite right if you know our contract with a patriot and ill murdered opioid air one let's be honest okay i mean i think it's fair to call the murder of nicole brown simpson a a of passion if you will not that they were embarrassing but obviously he still tear it about her he still have had something for and he showed up in in a fillip anger you these he goes away i got to him too much lose i can't do this now the point about the may i mean here okay argued that you were very very very violent i mean there i mean i don't know exactly how they've outrigger well well in the overall benfitted call the cop repeating her and the because they with who ivory and the lapd ready to wrap that often while ago birth rate ending either the moment in a gear thinking about what will you the your hair in air raping or anything like right i mean you're going to grind it by rate at the moment couldn't agree more thanks for the call will appreciate it let's go to a richard baltimore richer on cbs sports radio paul a pleasure always thank you hide on how you pal uh i.

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