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It doesn't matter abra i'll tell you right now you know this watching the celtics buck series first of all we just say this you nailed it on the head brad stevens is one of the absolute best basketball coaches in the world and you know what they drafted marcus smart and i wasn't thrilled they drafted terry rosiere wasn't thrilled these guys are like two of the most improved players i've ever seen from draft day until three and four years down the line and i fully credit co stevens with that who is that again you're saying is rosie perez and smart i everyone loves by the way let me go back real quick before i forget dave robinson ended up getting that way he's not severino and going back to what you're saying listen the hardest working guy in boston on any team they got is marcus smart including the bruins including the red sox including the patriots there's no one who works harder than marcus smart i won't deny that and i think rose i mean they forced him into playing when kyri went down and had to go to him so it was now or never kids step up next guy mentality and i think he's you know very fast he's played his ass off he's given them everything they could ever dream of in terms of a guy filling the gap for a superstar so as much as you want kyri out there rose ears held the job pretty well in his stead and he's busted his ass but he is don't be don't be fooled he's no nowhere near the game that kyri brings you but rosiere has done a hell of a job now they're going to have a problem i believe dealing with philadelphia's back court there is no one on that team except maybe smart that can even begin to try to guard ben simmons in our garden ben simmons i mean the undeserving it may look like they're guarding him but they cannot stop that guy he's an absolute monster.

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