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The season with his long winning streak an and the backtoback championships is how they would overcome the graduation losses they lost a ton of guys on both sides of the ball but they're predominant leader biggest losses were on offense they had a an offer a very capable offense last year led by quarterback and fill martini that really got it done it wasn't like this where there scoring two touchdowns game in line on their defense so it's virtually an entire new cast on offense um they have a couple of they have a couple of backs neither which were on the radar last year a jaunty house at the end of last year because of injuries got a chance he came in as the started this year he went down to malek rail kayla takes over on bought and now they and now they got the onetwo punch right and so but when you look at the defensive of side of the ball or they also some guys they got plenty back and it's been that defense it's really that that system now that's led the way not bridgewater has a good one to punch to in an anthony gough in justin bryant and a their line is outstanding any surprised me the way they handled piscataway yeah we shall showered amazing in that was the big one of the biggest shocked the biggest shock result i fought bridgewater was this can only has one great i mean there's not one of their best team but it's a three four win over a piscataway team that a lot of people thought myself and greeted with adequate land themselves forty was cher was yes i thought it was dominant from heat out from the opening whistle to the final gun bridgewater on both sides of the ball what they did piscataway was unbelievable of hick i'm tom lower bridgewater me to allow they agree on something i ever gonna take a break witter wrap up football usa part one after this levin 55 the middlesex county board of chosen free holders thank.

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