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Mid forties probably won't stick to the roads much because their to war warm they've been warmed enough to it's really coming down downtown here but it's we'll have that all day into into tomorrow all right traffic let's see how the weather's affecting that crash southbound i fifteen at milepost three fortythree in ogden they're getting hit particularly heard up in davis we were county area we've got crash southbound i fifteen at about fifty third south crash northbound i fifteen this isn't huntingdale box elder milepost three seventy two their crash westbound sr two oh one mile post to the left lane is closed their crash northbound i fifteen mile plus two eighty five and lee hi and it looks very slow going on northbound i fifteen just after point of the mountain all the way through draper and sandy you're heading into downtown from that direction it's slow and southbound through davis county coming into north salt lake so whether affecting traffic both directions it's snowing in west jordan all right tears boehner candidate number three straight so ten lawmakers essentially voted for bestiality yeah this is in louisiana the state senate has approved a bill designed to make it clear that beastie ality is illegal in louisiana a law on the books prohibits crimes against nature but it also outlaws socalled sodomy and was ruled unconstitutional in two thousand three new orleans senator j p moral says it's important that the state has white or arrest somebody for having sex with the animal he told fellow lawmakers god forbid you vote against this bill good luck explaining that ted ten ten senators did vote against it that's the story contained their reasoning for voting against it no other than it's a free country or high will i will speculate the measure does also specify that previously illegal forms of sodomy are no longer against the law that don't have anything to do with animal right anal at sexual intercourse between two human beings shall not be deemed as a crime part of the bill states that's why they voted against it because they're afraid because because i don't walk now i'm not saying we'll have people have said animals but i don't want the gays have in the anal intercourse says that affects you how i just don't enjoy your life mail ma'am what ma'am.

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