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News news flash. I'm Jamie, west with three things you need to know. Right now KTAR is on immigration, President Trump says military troops and border patrol agents are bracing for a massive surge of migrants at a non walled area. KTAR? Jeremy foster will have more at six a frightening link between concussions and suicide has been discovered. A new study finds concussions double the risk of suicide. Governor Ducey has ordered flags at AllState buildings to be lowered to half staff today for national Pearl Harbor remembrance day, the governor will take part in a ceremony later this morning outside the capitol that will also feature a fly over of World War Two airplanes. You're never more than fifteen minutes away. From today's top stories on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. KTAR in-depth this weekend. There's gonna be a lot of snow. In fact, they're probably be some snow falling still it places where a lot of people like to go and take it in especially as desert Weller. Don't see that much snow Cameron Lee. The public information officer for the years under department of public safety joins us in the this is a dangerous thing in. This regard Cameron a lot of people will drive up by seventeen they'll hit the snow area and say, you know, what I'm just going to pull off the road and run out there and make snowballs. That's not that's not safe at all. Is it? No, absolutely. Not thanks for having me on. And you know, giving us an opportunity to talk about this. This is something we deal with every year. One of the great things about our state is like you said we can be here in the desert go up and play in the snow and then come back to the little bit of the war. If you've spent any amount of time like I have on the side of a highway on the side of the freeway on the side of an interstate. You quickly realized that is not the place. You wanna be? It's extremely dangerous. We are very aware that people stop and where they do stop. And we do cite people for that. We will stop with you. We will cite you for and send you on your way. And that has nothing to do with us. Just not wanting you to be there. It has everything to do with safety especially in in any time. It's not a good idea. But especially when there is an active snowfall going on. Because the first thing that happens is visibility gets reduced. And it's like a dust storm. You people get fooled into thinking the car that they see up ahead is part of that the part of the line of traffic. Yeah. Exactly. And then people they actually will get distracted. Also by looking and seeing what you are doing in the name of going off the road themselves. Maybe even crashing into your cars into you. It's it's a bad situation. All around it's distracted driving. It's low visibility. Like, you said we cannot have you stopping on the side of a highway or freeway or interstate to play in the snow. There are designated snow play areas. Those are the places you need to go. They are set up to be safe away from traffic where you can enjoy yourself and then make it back home Cameron Lee public information officer for DPS joining us this morning and Arizona's morning news. Let me change gears a little bit with you Cameron. This is also December. It's a holiday party time. And a lot of companies will hold holiday parties on Friday and Saturday nights. I have to be honest with you, I get I I won't even drive on the one on one in Scottsdale in the evenings this time of year because you just you gotta be. Be so wear of somebody who might get behind the wheel and has has had too much to drink. It's it's something gotta be aware of all the time. But really in the month of December, especially on the weekends. Yeah. How unfortunate is that? You have to feel that way. I can tell you. We are very active all year round. But especially cognizant this time of year, we work heavily with our DUI task forces around the state here in the valley, partnering up with multiple agencies to go out and target. Do. You is get those people off of the road. You know, we arrest. A lot of the DUI's is annually. But what people have to realize is. They are the ones that contribute. The most to public safety. We cannot as a society make it, okay. Or allow it to be okay. Or think it's okay to get behind the wheel impaired. You know, I've seen the tragic results happen. We we've talked about it. We've talked about it on on this station people losing their lives because of one decision. There's really no excuse for it. There are rideshare programs out there. Uber lift whatever they are taxis to get home use them. That's what they're there. For trooper Cameron Lee joins us just one final question on that subject Cameron. If if I'm driving on the freeway, and I see somebody this is applicable anytime. And I see somebody that I think's driving a radically you want do you encourage motorists to call deep ES from their car phones. Absolutely. It's we we have seen this multiple ties where people will call in a reckless driver. We stop them. And guess what they do turn out to be impaired. Our eyes and ears are the public. You're out there. There's more of you than there are of us. Please call nine one one. If you see anything unsafe give us the best description of vehicle where you are what direction you're traveling approximate speeds. So that we can intercept that get it stops find out what's going on. And and getting impaired driver off the road. Absolutely. Well, we want everybody to be safe this weekend and all the time, and we cooperate with DPS your chances abstained save go up a whole bunch Cameron Lee trooper with DPS public information officer, we appreciate you being with us this.

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