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That's some serious stuff chester was so thirsty oh my goodness okay uh if you want to hear more from from jonathan strickland by the way you can catch him on the podcast tech stuff and also on the facebook live show called game changers on how stuff works facebook page secret fund seattle history board games be flavored games and videogames all kinds of things yep yep check not i think he jonathan anyway uh so these sorts of recipes pop up in upper class cookbooks from all over europe the british museum cookbook reports they were often decorated with edible gold and silver leaf to make them that much more extra showy yes uh end these cold dishes might have been especially popular due to the theory of using food to balance schumer's that that whole concept of cool versus hot and wet verses dry that's going on in our bodies it in the universe around us i'm so so cold dishes made with gelatin were recommended especially for people with hot and moist temperaments um like youth and adolescence or during torrid southern summers one of these days we're going to do to episode on humorous i feel like they keep propping up yeah am not entirely sure all it i am interested in hot than moist temperaments that's a great descript her i i think i've done a few people like that oh have you i think we all do anyway to please the friday non meat eating catholic crowd chefs got the idea to boil some you'll zip in the stock of a fish like cod and also swim bladders to make catholic approved fish chillies soon that sounds very appetizing who yeah uh meanwhile in the late 1500s a fellow sometimes called europe's first celebrity chef wrote about his technique of using egg whites to help clarify stock for gelatin that was a mystery martina dick coma who was a tally and if you could not tell and we'll talk more about that works also in our side section blow.

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